SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro

SYNC is a modern Korean cuisine restaurant serving your favorite Korean food with a twist!
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Good news to all westies, this modern restaurant is located at Westgate Mall, right next to Jurong East MRT! YAY 

I never knew the existence of this place despite having been to Westgate countless times, no thanks to its rather hidden location! Do note that this restaurant is located at the far end of the mall, linked to the Samsung store :)

Their very own bar!

I like how spacious and airy the outdoor section is :)


Here at SYNC, be prepared to feast on re-invented Korean dishes and washing it down with Sync's very own soju-infused cocktails and shots. All while dining in a casual-chic place and enjoying your favourite Korean TV dramas!  

Being powered by Samsung, SYNC provides several Samsung products as entertainment to its patrons. It's nice to see how they combined good, comfort food with technology in a modern and simplistic setting :)

 Kids corner

Toppoki glazed with spicy sweet sauce with fishcakes, bacon, spring onion and topped with a soft boiled egg ($7.90)

I liked the chewy korean toppoki and thought the crisp bacon added a nice savoury touch to the otherwise bland rice cakes. It wasn't very spicy too! 

 Anything topped with a soft boiled egg gets my vote

 Gamja Tuikim - Fries topped with kimchi and nacho cheese ($6.90)

I am neither a fan of fries nor kimchi. So it took me by surprise that I actually love this side dish! All thanks to the tangy kim chi that balanced the rich, creamy nacho cheese and made this dish really outstanding.

Crispy sweet and spicy chicken winglets and drumlets. 

Do note that SYNC has recently revamped their menu and they now serve 3 winglets for $6.90! 

Please eat these while it's hot as it loses its crispiness after awhile and the sauce gets a little overwhelming.

 Budae Jjigae - Army spicy stew consisting of rice cakes, ramyun, dumplings, sausages and pork belly slices ($14.90)

Most Korean restaurants serve Army Stew in a large sizzling pot for a big group to share, but in SYNC, this comes in individual pots so you no longer have to worry about gathering enough people to eat this dish with you ;)

 Really appreciate the fact that it wasn't too spicy! Great for non-spicy eaters like me hahaha.

 Jajangmyeon - Minced chicken, potatoes, carrot cooked in korean jajang black bean sauce ($11.90)

 One of my favourite Korean dishes and my favourite that night too! Savoury yet not too heavy on the palate :)

 Bibimbap - Warm steamed rice with seasonal fresh vegetables, topped with a soft boiled egg and comes with gochujang and sesame oil. ($12.90)

Was a little disappointed because what's a bibimbap without its classic hot stone and getting to eat the charred crispy bits? :( 

Being a fusion dish, the bibimbap comes with a soft boiled egg instead of the usual yolk/sunny side up! This also tasted wetter and sweeter as compared to the classic hot stone ones.

 Jap Chae - Stir fried japchae with seasonal fresh vegetables in SYNC's special sweet savoury sauce ($11.90)

A classic Korean dish that was the crowd's favourite! Very addictive indeed

The highlight of the night - desserts!

Mini molten lava cakes served in Matcha, Taro White Chocolate and Red Bean ($7.90 each)



Red Bean

Taro White Chocolate

My favourite has got to be the Taro one! The filling tasted rich and full of taro flavour :) Matcha on the other hand tasted quite artificial to me? 

Also, the ice cream served alongside these lava cakes were quite a let-down :(


14 September 2014

Happy Birthday Dad :') 

Japanese cotton cheesecake filled with mango mousse, mango cubes and crowned with fresh fruits :)

Brought the family to SYNC for Dad's birthday dinner!

 They used to have a Samsung Galaxy Tab on each table for customers to browse through the menu and make their own orders. Now, the menu and ordering system is revamped and they have changed to using a double-sided menu instead! Simple and easier :)

DBS 1-FOR-1 Pancakes! Kimchi pancake and Seafood & Scallion pancake ($7.90)

These were served cold and it tasted floury and bland :(

 Seaweed coated calamari rings with mayo ($6.90)

Not too bad, quite pricey though!


As you can see we ordered the same few items hahahaha 

Smoked Duck Ramyun - Korean noodles with tofu, wakame, smoked duck, soft boiled egg ($13.90)

Tasted similar to the army stew!

I really enjoyed my experience at SYNC! Staff were friendly and prompt, and the atmosphere was quiet and comfortable too :)

SYNC is offering affordable lunch promotions now that are really value for money in my opinion :) Do give it a try! :-)

*Thank you Racheal and Vanessa for the invite and hosting! :)


SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro
Westgate Mall (next to Jurong East MRT Station)
3 Gateway Drive #03-01/01A
Singapore 608532


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