9 Open-Face Toasts Variations // Froth


Up early on a Sunday morning because i was so excited to make these!


Relatively simple to make, though quite time consuming but it was so much fun :) Not to mention the pretty end-products! hehe

Top Row

Crunchy PB, Walnuts, Grilled caramelized bananas (my fav!)

Matcha white chocolate, matcha kitkat, raspberries, goji and cranberries

Speculoos spread, Reese chunks and Lotus biscuits

Middle Row

Melted dark chocolate, hazelnuts, strawberries, pumpkin seeds

Apple slices, brown sugar, cinnamon

Strawberry yogurt, granola, assorted nuts and blueberries

Bottom Row

Truffled scrambled eggs and mushrooms

Guacamole with crispy fried egg

Baby Spinach, tomatoes and soft boiled egg

 Eggs 3 ways

We end up cutting each toast into parts so we can eat more flavours!!! Glad my family enjoyed their breakfast ^^

 Visited Froth with the family!  Wanted to try their taro waffles so much and they brought me here that very weekend :') It's located near bugis, at the basement of Big Hotel.

The cafe was spacious and pretty quiet, it was a Sunday and it was about half packed?

Coffee arrived after... 45 mins :O 

Carbonara which I thought was pretty nice! Pasta was al dente and the cream sauce was flavourful :) It could do with more sauce though, as it got a little dry towards the end.

What we came here for!! Which arrived 50mins later :( 

Taro waffles with sea salted caramel and earl grey lavender ice cream :)

Loved their ice cream! Creamy, smooth, rich and wasn't too sweet.

Waffles, on the other hand, were disappointing :( They waffles were soft, dense and chewy. Not crispy or fluffy as I would like them to be. 

No distinct taste of taro in the waffles, didn't see any taro paste mixed in the batter either. 

I suspect a lot of food colouring was used :/ The family didn't feel v comfortable eating this haha

Service was okay, though slow.  

Froth's relatively new so I guess they have their fair share of hits and misses. Hope they improve on their waffles because it is such an innovative idea! :)


 Froth Café
200 Middle Road
Big Hotel
Singapore 188980
Tel: +65 6336 1228


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