{Recipe} Avocado, Scrambled Eggs, Banana Speculoos Toasts // Daniel Wellington Watch

Colourful toasts make me so happy :)

A really simple and easy breakfast to prepare! 

Perfectly ripe avocados make my day and i have to take a picture of them :p Cracked an egg into one half of an avocado and baked it too!

3 types of toasts! Banana Speculoos, Avocados, and Cheesy Scrambled Eggs :-)

 Avocado, Scrambled Eggs & Banana Speculoos Toasts


1/2 avocado
1 egg
A handful of shredded cheese (cheddar/mozz/gouda etc)
2 Tbsp of Speculoos Cookie Butter / Peanut Butter
1 banana 

3 slices of wholemeal bread (can be toasted if desired)

 1. Whisk eggs and cheese until incorporated. (I don't add milk/salt to my scrambled eggs but feel free to!)

2. Grease a non-stick pan and put it on medium heat. Cook the eggs-cheese mixture until edges appear firm and stir the eggs with a spatula/chopstick to scramble them.

3. Remove from heat and serve it on toast with a dash of pepper!


4. Scoop out flesh from the avocado into a bowl. Mash with a fork, keeping it slightly chunky. At this point, you can add lemon juice/sea salt to taste. 

5. Spread mash onto a slice of bread and garnish with coarse pepper flakes.


6. Spread 2 tbsp of Speculoos cookie butter (you can always use more/less!) on a slice of bread. Slice 1 banana into small round coins and place it on top.

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