Amara Hotel Staycation / Ninja Bowl / YOLO

Finally reviving the blog after exams! Can't believe M3 is over just like that :')

So the man surprised me with a staycation this weekend at Amara Hotel!! :') Imagine my shock when he led me into the lobby when I thought we are just going 100am for lunch haha

Service was excellent during check-in and they were so apologetic when we couldn't check in early due to limited rooms available. However we got our room pretty quickly, just before lunch! :)

The room was spacious and comfortable! I thought it was a pretty sweet deal for $168 (after GST & service charge) considering it's size and amenities. We got the Deluxe Double Room with King Sized Bed (32sqm) :) No buffet breakfast included!

Considerably huge toilet with a bathtub plus stand-in shower.
Not to mention the gorgeous marble tiles :)

View from our room!

Wi-Fi signal was also really strong, I think better than my house's signal HAHA. Location was awesome as it's connected to 100am with a huge supermarket + yakun + keisuke ramen + Tsujiri, 
and it's also situated right across Tanjong Pagar Plaza which houses tons of food. Grain Traders is also opening at 100am soon ;) Outram park and Chinatown is also a walking distance away!

 In short, you don't have to worry about food ;)

Facilities include the usual gymnasium, swimming pool, and tennis court! The gym was small but pretty well-equipped, he particularly liked the private weights section :)


Lunch at Ninja Bowl

Lucky we didn't have to wait for a table even though it was a Friday afternoon, we went at around 2pm to avoid the lunch crowd ;) 

Decided to share a lunch bowl with a dessert since we are not that hungry! 
He chose the Kabuki - Seared Honey Chicken Leg with baby corn, pickled beets, onsen egg, fried shallots, and Korean beansprouts ($14) with Ninja Rice ($2)

The chicken leg was really tender and flavourful, though i admit it looked pale and boring at first sight. We didn't particularly enjoy the rice though because it just tasted like normal brown rice :/ 
Otherwise the sides were all pretty tasty!

Fancy French! Heard so much raving reviews that I just had to try it. The brioche itself was soft and chewy, but there was too much honey and though it helps cut through the tang from the fig jam, it got really overwhelming at times. 

We also wish there could be more fig jam and hazelnut butter because the sides were just plain bread and towards the end we were just eating bread + honey hahaha

VERY buttery as you can see from the butter foam 


Dinner after our gym workout. Hehe we really enjoy buying all sorts of food and eating it in the comfort of our room, away from the crowd :)

We decided to try YOLO
Something healthy and nutritious right after our exercise sounds perfect ;)

Cauliflower "fried rice" with chicken and asian veggies ($9.90)

I LOVE THIS!! The cauliflower rice was soooo nicely seasoned and surprisingly juicy :) I have previously tried cauliflower rice outside but they were all coarse and dry, thankfully this was delicious and I am missing it alr :(

Miso glazed salmon steak with bok choy and quinoa ($15.90)

The salmon was cooked perfectly and not a tad dry at all, was really impressed *_* We love how the toasted sesame seeds added a whole new dimension to an otherwise plain salmon :) The quinoa however, was pretty bland. 

Soy yogurt tasted very...... artificial. Hahaha I was pretty apprehensive about trying this but he was like, "aiya it's vanilla, how bad can it be." Turns out both of us couldn't eat more than 3 mouthfuls HAHAHA the texture + taste was just weird :( There is a subtle hint of soy though, but other than that I can't take it haha


Morning breakfast takeaway hahahahha nasi lemak from Tanjong Pagar food centre, kaya peanut butter toasts and iced coffee from Yakun, plus my chobani yogurt! Tried a different brand of coconut water and sigh it tasted really strange :/

Grabbed a Cacao Warrior ($8) from Seed & Soil before lunch ;)

After checking out, we decided to have lunch at YOLO again because we really enjoyed their food yesterday!

Lucky us got to try their new menu which they just launched today! Basically you get to customize your order instead of choosing their premade sets :) The calories and protein per serving are listed, which is really useful for those who are counting their macros/watching their calorie intake :) 

We shared a YOLO's Margarita which is made from strawberries, grapefruit and lime juice I think? We struggled to finish it because it was somehow carbonated and way too acidic :( It tasted like plain Gatorade :/

He ordered the beef steak, cauliflower "fried rice", soba noodles, garlic & chilli, as well as miso sauce! The beef was cooked perfectly, not too chewy and seasoned lightly to retain the natural flavours. A delightful lunch for him indeed :)

I got the spiced chicken breast, barley mushroom risotto, tofu salad, super seeds and pesto sauce :) Sigh the risotto was disappointing because it was sooo bland, did they forget to add salt? The cream sauce was also thick and tasteless :( I felt like I was eating plain barley which I don't mind but i was expecting something more. Chicken breast was lean and a tad dry but I like it this way :) The tofu salad was dressed in soy and tasted like Japanese inari!

Despite some misses, I really enjoyed my time at YOLO because the service was splendid and I see so much potential here :) Everyone was in smiles and keen to help. I will definitely return to try out more items on the menu! Already have my eye on their breakfast menu because it sounds and looks incredible :)

What a great end to our staycation :)


Amara Hotel Singapore
165 Tg Pagar Rd
Singapore 088539

Ninja Bowl
15 Duxton Rd
Singapore 089481

#01-01, 12 Gopeng St
Icon Village


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