Rainbow Oreo Cheese Cake with Ombre Blue Fondant Ruffles

A 21st birthday cake for a friend's surprise birthday party for his girlfriend - the sweetest Xueqi :')


Love the colours!!! Rainbow cake layers with oreo cream cheese :)

Used to shy away from making rainbow cakes because of the amount of colouring, but actually I only used a drop or two per layer!

Beautiful cake scraps, for me to eat haha :)


Rainbow Oreo Cheese Cake with Ombre Blue Fondant Ruffles

It was my first time dealing with fondant and.. it was a nightmare. Totally over-estimated myself and the amount of work was overwhelming, I literally spent hours just kneading, rolling and fixing this cake. The end result, to me, was horrid but there was nothing I could do :( Patches and cracks everywhere and I wished I could re-do but there wasn't enough time :( 

More on the Dayre

Tiramisu Shots prep

Tiramisu Shots with rum-flavoured mascarpone, coffee kahlua-soaked sponge, chocolate ganache and lightly sprinkled with cocoa powder

Green Tea & Vanilla Bundt Cake with milk chocolate glaze, chopped almonds and cherries.

Truly grateful and blessed with everyone's support and encouragement, their endless understanding and gushing over the cake, their constant reassurement that the cake looks great nonetheless :'') They even took a video to thank me ahhh too sweet of them :')

Thank you all for believing in me and having so much faith in me.. thank you <3

Am really really glad the cakes and tiramisu were well-received and everyone loved them :')



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