CA2 is finally overrrr!

Is it just me or does everything else seems more interesting when you are having exams? For me, I couldn't stop thinking about food or what I wanna bake/cook next hahaha

These meals helped me tide over the stressful studying period :') Not sure why but I'm perpetually hungry even when I'm glued to my chair for long hours

Love eggs! My breakfast essential

 Quick and easy Salmon Avocado Aburi sushi that satisfied my siblings and my craving :)

Thunder Tea Rice!!! My fav hawker food ever 

Rainbow Fried Rice

Gula Melaka Granola

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

My first 3D art! Matcha Latte with a bear face :)

Chocolate buns with Matcha Cream Cheese filling :)

Matcha Red Bean Bread

Wholegrain toast with eggs, avocadoes, chicken breast, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce! So wholesome I can't even

Yam Paste Crumble!

Hello Kitty toast with avocadoes, smoked salmon, eggs, cheese and greens; with a side of yogurt parfait :) New Year breakfast set for the family!

Salmon Mushroom Rice

Salmon with Sesame Soba

Toasts for my siblings and me :)

Grilled Salmon, Soba, Runny Eggs, Greens and Strawberry tomatoes!


Cheesy truffle mushroom pasta cups


 Truffled guacamole, tomatoes and egg wrap!

Froyo with fruits and matcha granola :)



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