Group Therapy Katong

Visited Group Therapy Katong during our staycation at Village Hotel Katong :)
I really like the one at Duxton, after all they are one of the pioneer cafes in Singapore!

Situated in Katong V, a relatively small and quiet mall :) We arrived at 9.30am and the cafe was packed :O

I LOVE cafes that upload their menus online!! Alan and I already decided what to order yesterday night hahaha :)

Salted Egg Yolk Fries ($8) 

Spot those chunks of salted yolk :)

We knew we had to order this because we are huge fans of salted egg yolk! These came piping hot and I love how there's a mixture of crispy and soggy fries, how did they do that???

Initially we thought there wasn't enough salted egg yolk sauce but turns out...

There were more below!

Quite a nice side dish to try if you have enough calories to spare :)

Pumpkin Pancakes topped with smoked salmon, poached eggs and hollandaise ($18)

Excited to try this because i LOVE pumpkin but was a little disappointed when the dish arrived with a broken yolk :/

Whereas the other egg was overcooked :(

On a side note, the warmth of the pancakes and eggs sort of "cooked" the smoked salmon and I like it :) Hollandaise was thick, rich and creamy too!

Delighted to find real pumpkin chunks inside! Sadly there were only... two chunks in the entire pancake.

Salmon Avocado Multigrain sandwich with cream cheese, smoked salmon, arugula and avocado ($12)

The nutty bread was nicely browned and toasted to a perfect crisp :) Didn't enjoy the sandwich as much as I thought I would as the avocado was hard and unripe, and the cream cheese was sour :/

Matcha latte ($5.50) was pretty diluted and sweet.

Some hits and misses, but still a nice cafe with great ambience and hearty food :)


Group Therapy Katong
30 East Coast Road
Katong V, #01-11


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