The White Rabbit

It was New Year's Eve, a day before bro's birthday and so we visited The White Rabbit for their festive lunch! :)

We were thrilled because The White Rabbit is known for its splendid atmosphere, beautiful interior decoration and it was the winner of the Singapore Experience Awards Best Dining Experience category in 2009, and qualified as finalists for subsequent years! The White Rabbit is housed in an old Ebenezer Chapel with its interior still preserved, we spent some time admiring the intricate details and decorative grilles. A romantic place indeed :)

Our 3-course Festive Lunch Set comes with free-flow bread and butter, an appetizer, a main and a dessert for $42++/pax :)

As there were 7 of us, we practically tried all the mains and desserts available hahaha

Bread & butter while waiting for our food! Warm, fluffy and freshly baked bread with french butter always works :) Each of us ate at least 2! (Dad ate 4..... HAHA)


Japanese Yellowtail Ceviche
beechwood-smoked, pickled spanish onions,
garden cress, cucumber spaghetti

Bro got this and remarked that it was really fresh and delicious! He wasn't a fan of the greens though, as they were too raw/grassy for him hahaha

Foie Gras de Canard
pan roasted, shaved winter truffles, grilled asparagus,
truffle jelly, Pedro Ximenez Vinegar aged 25 years

Mom, sis and Alan chose this and they loved it! I took a teeny bite and.... had to spam lots of water after that hahaha organs are not my thing. However, they say eating Foie Gras is about appreciating the texture?

They mentioned that the Foie Gras was cooked perfectly; creamy, melts in your mouth and rich in flavor. The sourness from the vinegar also balances the richness of the foie gras. I thought the truffle jelly was interesting, though strangely the taste didn't shine through.

Alaskan ‘Bairdi’ Snow Crab
diced avocado, vine-ripened tomatoes,
citrus vinaigrette, petite mesclun

Dad got this and thought it tasted too "fishy" haha it was surprisingly pretty refreshing, with an added creaminess from the avocado.

Petuna Ocean Trout Confit
confit at 42°, watercress purée,
pickled cocktail onions, fried quinoa

Mine! Cooked perfectly and the texture was great. Moist and tender, the fried quinoa gave a contrasting crunch and I loved the mascarporne foam at the side :) Didn't fancy the watercress puree though.


Kuhlbarra Barramundi
poached, bacon dashi, braised purple cabbage, charred romaine hearts

Portion was rather small, but the fish was executed perfectly with its delectable flavors and freshness. The bacon dashi gave a savoury kick! Try this dish if you are looking for a less heavier main or if you are a fan of fish.

Handmade Egg Tagliatelle
"classic carbonara", piment d'espelette, pecorino, house cured Guanciale, soft poached eggs

We expected something creamy but this tasted like aglio olio instead as it was heavily seasoned, spicy and dry. I liked the texture of the handmade tagliatelle though :)

Oxtail & Mushroom Risotto
shaved truffles, sautèed shimeji, Parmigianno Reggiano biscuit

Well-executed dish though i wished the truffle taste could be more pronounced! Not sure what grain they used but it wasn't the usual arborio. I actually liked this grain more as it retains its shape so the dish wasn't too mushy like porridge, and every bite was chewy and delightful :) I enjoy biting each individual grain that has soaked up the fragrant mushroom broth! A satisfying dish :)

wagyu beef cheeks & brisket, baby root vegetables

I ordered this but was disappointed when this arrived, simply because i expected cubes of smoky, juicy seared beef cheeks hahaha guess I should learn how to read the menu properly before ordering :P

Alan kindly offered to swap with me because he knows I preferred the risotto aww :')

That aside, the beef brisket was a little tough but the beef cheeks were amazingly tender, fatty and bursting with flavors. The broth, on the other hand, was light on the palate and tasted pretty much like an average beef stock. 

Bone marrow :O Apparently very sweet-tasting, they said. 

Guinea Fowl
sous vide, chestnut purée, braised kale, cranberries

Sous vide-anything always mean moist, juicy and tender, and this was no exception. The fowl was pretty bland on its own but the chestnut puree helped in accentuating its sweetness.


Yay the moment i've been waiting for!!

Cherry Clafoutis
sour cherries, vanilla ice cream

Soft and very buttery but a tad too soggy :(

Macerated Strawberries
poached in peach schnapps,
whipped mascarpone, green apple sorbet

Strawberries and mascarpone, a classic combination :) The green apple sorbet made the entire dessert less sweet and rich.

Valrhona Dulcey Bar
chocolate soil, candied macadamia nuts,
bourbon ice cream

YUM chocolate <3 I loved the bourbon ice cream! The dulcey bar was pretty good.

Eggnog Panna Cotta
bourbon whiskey caramel, crispy spiced bread

Really delicious! Was afraid it might be too creamy, sweet and eggy but the flavour was pleasantly balanced. However consuming it all at one setting may be slightly overwhelming.

Went really well the buttery and crispy biscotti too!

We all thought the Festive Lunch Set was pretty value for money, it was about $50/pax after GST & service charge. However their food, though unique and well-prepared, did not leave a deep impression on us. 

Service was impeccable as the staff were attentive and polite and it definitely made our dining experience an enjoyable one :)

Since it was a celebratory lunch for my bro's birthday, the staff wrote Happy Birthday on his dessert and even printed a photo she took for us! This thoughtful gesture certainly won our hearts :')

The food at The White Rabbit may not be outstanding but that can be slightly forgiven when you are dining at such a romantic place :) I would say you are paying more for the ambience and service, and it's pretty worth it :)


The White Rabbit
39C Harding Road
Dempsey Singapore


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