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I've always been a fan of all things healthy - quinoa, kale, acai smoothies, wheatgrass shots, cold-pressed juices etc. You name it , i love it haha :) 

I was thrilled to find out that One Raffles Place is holding a Green Plates campaign, which is a part of a Find Your Eco-Style GSS special this year. Am secretly envious of those people working at the CBD, so much good food around the area! 


Our first stop - Kraftwich by Swissbake! 

If you didn't already know, Kraftwich is a new concept by SwissBake which serves signature sandwiches and HUGE sandwiches made fresh everyday and filled with nutritious ingredients. The bread used are freshly baked and vary from sandwiches. 

Lucky us got to try out their latest salad offerings, and my favourite was this Beef Pastrami Salad ($9.90)! I love how the beef pastrami was lean, not overly salty and went really well with the cheese :) It is affordably priced as well!

You can choose to customize your own salad, or they have other options such as Turkey (one of my favourites as it is high in protein and low in fat), Tuna & Egg, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Duck, Smoked Chicken and also a Vegetarian option for non-meat eaters. If you are not a fan of salads, you will be glad to know that they have these options sold in the form of Kraftwiches too! 

Kraftwiches - Portobello, Smoked Chicken, and Smoked Salmon (all Kraftwiches are $8.90)!

I liked the Smoked Salmon sandwich which contained generous slices of smoked salmon and crunchy greens, not to mention the grainy bread which provided a dark nutty flavour :)

The Portobello Sandwich is another popular option for the ladies. It consist of juicy Portobello mushrooms, fresh cucumbers in between slices of maize bread! Maize bread is actually a type of bread made from cornmeal flour and has a distinctive flavor. 

For the calorie-conscious, feel free to ask the staff or check out their website for the calorie content of each sandwich :)

Ironically, a healthy cafe like Kraftwich serve desserts as well, and i have to say they look really pretty! We tried the Hazelnut Crunch (Front Right), Paradiso di Nicciola (dark & dome-shaped) and Raspberry Chocolate Romance which tasted normal and nothing to shout about.

P.S.  Buy any one of Kraftwich's sandwich, wraps or pastries and enjoy your coffee for just $3! If you are into cold-pressed juices like me, you can purchase a cold-pressed orange juice for $5 with every purchase of a Kraft Salad. I would also recommend the Beetroot Orange cold-pressed juice as it was indeed sweet and refreshing, perfect for a hot sunny day!


Kraftwich by SwissBake
One Raffles Place #B1-04/05


Next, Wheat Baumkuchen

I've dined at Wheat Baumkuchen several times before and i appreciate how their food is simple, tasty and healthy at the same time. No frills or bombastic flavors, just straight to the point and they are best known for their salmon soba and brown rice bowls!

It is definitely a healthier option when you are craving for some good old Japanese food. They are awarded as a "Healthy Dining Partner" with HPB since December, with all dishes cooked with less oil, healthy grains and less than 500kcal each! 

One of their latest addition - Striploin Soba Salad ($15)!

New Zealand Beef is used and i love how they included vegetables to lighten the entire dish as it may get too heavy after awhile. 

Other than this, they have 2 new items which are the Chicken Leg with Quinoa (middle, $12), and Bull's Eye (bottom left, $8.90)

I enjoyed the former though the quinoa may be too bland for some. Cranberries and corn was used which added a touch of sweetness :) Plus the side of grilled pumpkin was creamy and sweet!

Oh, enjoy a free UCC matcha latte with every purchase of their Healthy Chicken Quinoa (333 kcal) 

Bull's Eye was well-received that night! Imagine hot savory beef stew over nutty brown rice and topped with a poached egg, it was truly satisfying. Comfort food made healthy! I think this will be popular among guys, who hate greens but am trying to eat clean :)

For first-timers, you may want to consider their best-sellers which are the Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Soba and Salmon Soba! Love the generous portions :) 

The soba noodles were creamy, tangy but may be overwhelming at times. Also, i find that they are slightly too soft for my liking and some may find it too mushy. 

For the portion size and location, i would say that their items are generally affordable and definitely worth a try :) 


Wheat Baumkuchen
One Raffles Place #B1-32 


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