Seed & Soil: Four Seasons Juice Cleanse & Acai Bowl

Had the opportunity to try out Seed & Soil's Four Seasons juice cleanse! Am really excited to try this out because unlike the usual juice cleanses out there, these juices have a lower fructose content and an abundance of chlorophyll-rich plants! 

I love my greens but i admit it is difficult to consume enough variety and amounts of them on a daily basis :/ Four Seasons are specially targeted towards juice junkies who are experienced and wish to achieve a deeper detox :)

Read on to find out about my experience and review!



 I was looking forward to this because it sounds like a refreshing & invigorating drink, something that would perk me up in the morning. 

True enough, the instant the drink hits your tongue you would think it's gonna be a sweet citrus-y drink (also smells like Vitamin C lozenges!), but there was a spicy kick from the cayenne pepper that creeps up upon swallowing :) 

To non-spicy eaters like me, don't worry the spiciness is temporary (just a second) and the tingling sensation actually felt pretty nice :) Cayenne pepper helps boost your metabolism too!  There was a slight hint of turmeric too which I thought was quite interesting. 

What an unique & intense drink to start with :) Now I know why the Four Seasons cleanse is not for the faint-hearted hahahaha 


I am impressed with the strong taste of kale in this! If you have eaten kale chips before, this actually tasted slightly like it ;) 

It was also thicker in consistency compared to the other juices :) This is one of my favorites as it is sweet with a hint of greens 👍


Love the bright orange colour - definitely a drink filled with carotene and Vitamin A for my eyes! Just what I needed after hours of staring at my laptop.

The carrots gave a sweet taste to the drink and i thought the basil was an interesting touch.  The strawberries did made the juice sharp, tangy and slightly stingy to the tongue, might not be enjoyable to some.


Wow this is one potent drink hahaha the veggie taste (esp the celery) was strong and pure, definitely not for the non-veggie lovers! 

I love my greens but i admit it was pretty difficult to swallow and it's my least favourite drink, but nonetheless I will eat or drink anything as long as it is good for me hahahaha. 

That said, this would be a perfect drink after a heavy, oily meal or when I'm not getting sufficient greens that day. It does feels nice knowing that you are nourishing your body with vitamin-rich chlorophyll :) 


YUM i looove all the components! 

I was thinking if it would be tart from the green apples & grapefruit but it was surprisingly light and sweet, with a tinge of bitterness from the grapefruit :) 

It was slightly sour too, probably from the pineapples! Thankfully the taste of mint wasn't strong because I'm not a fan of minty stuff hahaha 


Was looking forward to this juice, mainly because the colour looks attractive and I wanted something sweet :) It certainly didn't disappoint! Apples, beetroot and carrot made the drink pleasantly sweet while the lemon & capsicum elevated the flavor profile with a slight tang :) There was an aftertaste of celery too! 


This is the only juice that's repeated :) 

I'm surprised that the juices kept me satiated and I didn't feel like snacking at all! That''s pretty rare of me because I like to eat something every 3-4 hours haha. 


I was puzzled to have a thick, milky juice at the end of my juice cleanse but realized that it's because the components aim to relieve stress and enhance mood! :)

 I'm a big fan of chocolate and chai so this drink was lovely for me :) It felt nice to drink something creamy (yet no milk was used) after an entire day of juices and it certainly filled me up before bed :) 

Four Seasons is a deep alkalizing cleanse which I honestly enjoyed because I love my greens! The fruits used in this cleanse are of a lower fructose content, which means you are getting more vitamins and minerals from the greens involved :) 

The juices didn't make me sick (unlike some which may be too sweet or too milky) and I genuinely felt lighter :) Love the inclusion of herbs like mint, parsley and basil which was intriguing and unusual :) However if you are not a fan of herbs, it may need some getting used to!

It's also awesome that I get to drink a juice every 2 hours so that keeps me from getting hungry or peckish! Being on a juice cleanse also means I didnt have to think of what to eat or snack later hahaha helps me keep my cravings in check too. 

Moreover, I love how they list the benefits of the drink on the bottle! A particular juice might taste odd to you but once you see words like ''fat-burning", "anti-aging" etc...... you will feel more compelled to drink hehe  

If you feel peckish and have the need to snack, i suggest eating salads (smaller portion) with a protein such as chicken or eggs! Juices tend to be lower in fat and protein, hence a snack higher in those will be good to ensure a balanced diet :) 

Some may argue against the benefits of juice cleansing and I personally agree that it is not a healthy way to lose weight and one should always lose weight via proper exercise and a balanced diet. However with that said, I do think that a juice cleanse is good once in awhile to rest your digestive system and a way to detox after a holiday feast or weekend binge, just to restart you back on track again :) 

On the day after your cleanse, it is recommended to start with light meals and not overwhelm your system with heavy, oil or fat laden food! Remember to keep yourself hydrated and drink water! Your total water intake should not be just from the juices alone :)

Thank you so much @seedandsoilsg for letting me try your tasty products and for this wonderful experience :) 


Visited Seed & Soil at their store one day to try out their new Acai Bowls!

Acai Bowls are all the rage now because it is such a perfect snack/post-workout meal/dessert etc etc :) Delicious, refreshing, rich in antioxidants, plant sterols, vitamins and minerals..... there's really nothing more to ask for :)

One thing different about the acai bowls in Seed & Soil is that they do not blend their frozen acai! So you get to eat it like ice cream and enjoy the true pure taste of Acai. This is truly one of the tastiest acai bowls I've tried and I love how they are so generous with the toppings :)

All of their acai bowls/smoothie bowls are topped with seasonal fruits, coconut flakes, a 
signature Superfood Sprinkle, homemade Rawnola (Oats, Dates & Coconut), Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Goji Berry, Cashew, Cacao Nibs and Buckwheat! Definitely a bang for your buck :)


Currently giving away 1 cold-pressed juice & 1 smoothie bowl (of choice) to 3 lucky winners on my Instagram (@yellowfingers)!! Do check it out if you have always wanted to try their tasty creations :)

Do head down and show them your support, i'm sure you will be blown away by their delectable and exceptional food! The owners and staff are extremely friendly and nice too, this is definitely a place I will return over and over again :) 


 Seed & Soil
1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, 082001


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