Haakon @ Raffles Holland V

I've noticed this spanking new mall (Raffles Holland V) at the corner of Holland Village since a couple of weeks ago but never got round to visiting it.

Later I found out that it isn't your usual shopping mall, but instead, an integrated medical centre by Raffles Medical Group! Raffles Holland V mall actually offers medical services such as health screening, TCM and even dental care together with F&B options. Really cool, I must say :)

Then I heard about this new Scandinavian cafe - Haakon, which specializes in superfood smoothies and acai bowls, and decided to drop by after school one day :)

Definitely a vegan-friendly cafe as they offer vegan options such as the Vegan Salad Bowl, plant-based "almond mylk" and they sell a range of vegan products too! It is popular among the gym-goers as well as they have certain food items that is high in protein. 

Need my vegetables so I decided to try their salads!

For $9.90, i thought the Vegan Bowl was really affordable. It includes avocados, organic quinoa, edamame, sun-dried tomatoes,  cherry tomatoes, carrot strips, mushrooms and hummus on a bed of lettuce :) Ingredients were certainly fresh and portion was just nice too!

The quinoa was plain so it went well with a squeeze of lemon, sweet sun-dried tomatoes, creamy avocados and hummus! The hummus was stained a gorgeous pink and I'm guessing there's beetroot in it? The flavour was rich and strong, but might be a bit too garlicky for some.

Haakon's Classic Acai Bowl (Medium, $7.90)

The acai bowls here come in 2 sizes, Medium or Large. The large one is $12.90 and served in this UFO-looking plastic container that looks really cute hahaha

I ordered the Classic Acai Bowl which is basically Organic Acai Blend topped with berries, coconut and freshly made granola. The other flavours such as Organic Rio Bowl (banana, coconut, pitaya and cacao nibs!) and Green & Lean (spinach, almond butter, mango) sound super good too.

The acai bowls here are slightly different from the rest as they serve it with their homemade chia parfait which provides an extra bite and dose of nutrients. It tasted a tad citrusy and provided a contrasting note to the otherwise sweet dessert.

You can't really go wrong with acai bowls as they are bound to be sweet and refreshing, but Haakon's version was sandy with black particulates and it made the whole eating experience a little strange. Not that I mind since it was a delicious dessert nonetheless, and the black particulates are probably just acai powder. I would prefer the acai to be more tart, and wish they gave more granola because it was yummy!

(pardon my poor editing skills hahaha)

Haakon emphasizes on nourishing the body and keeping it in harmony with a well-balanced diet and spiritual comfort. I love how they keep the menu clean, simple and healthy :) Their superior smoked salmon comes straight from the fjords of Norway, wow.

Other options on the menu such as their breakfast items sound really delicious and I hope I get to try them soon. Love how more and more healthy cafes are opening in Singapore :)

Check out their menu on their website!  Can't emphasize how much I appreciate cafes putting up their menus online, it saves so much time especially when I am someone who takes ages to decide what to eat hahahha

Haakon sells their frozen acai packs well (in stores/online), which is certified organic, vegan, gluten and GMO-free! There's no added sugar or additives as well. Sounds awesome! I've just placed order for 10 packs (for $25.20) and can't wait to receive them :)

UPDATE: 2 September 2016

Visited Haakon again because I was craving for something sweet & refreshing, plus I wanted to try out their Superfood Bowls! 

Green & Lean - blend of Spinach & Mango and topped with almond butter, strawberries, grapes, banana and goji berries. Also comes with their chia parfait & granola :)

Ordered Large ($12.90) and the serving cup is so cute! Definitely instagram-worthy. The smoothie itself was tasty and the taste of spinach was masked by the mango :)

I looove their granola because of the various nuts in it and it's a little sticky, chewy and crunchy at the same time, so satisfying! The chia parfait didn't add much taste to it, but it certainly help fills you up :)

UPDATE: 16 September 2016

Haha oh dear I'm back again. Brought my siblings this time and we tried some new dishes!

First time trying out their coffee and it was fantastic!
The Blueberry Yogurt Parfait ($4.90) however, was underwhelming and tasted average :/ It was a tad too watery and mushy at the bottom. 

Smashed Avocado & Feta Toast ($14.90)
Avocado tossed with feta and poached egg on english muffins 

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benny ($15.90)
Smoked salmon with poached egg and hollandaise

Haakon doesn't sell much breakfast food but these 2 items tasted fresh and delicious! Both comes with a side of mixed salad doused in sesame dressing. 

The poached eggs were executed perfectly, and the yolks were a nice sunny orange color which I love :)

However we all agree that for the price, getting their Salad Bowls will be much more value for money!

Haakon's Classic Acai Bowl & Original Rio Bowl -  each Large ($12.90) 

Both tasted identical just that the latter comes with additional cocoa nibs haha :) YUM  i really love their granola!

UPDATE: 3 November 2016

Acai Viking Protein Bowl - Whey Protein, Acai & Chocolate blend ($12.90)

Couldn't really taste any whey protein which I guess is a good thing? Chia pudding tasted sweeter and full of coconut flavour this time round :) However the acai had large frozen chunks which kind of ruin the whole eating experience :/


118 Holland Ave 
Raffles Holland V #01-03 
Singapore 278997. 

Opening Hours: 8am to 10pm. 
 Mondays to Sundays.


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