{Recipe} 5-Ingredient Acai Dragonfruit Pancakes (sugar-, oil- & gluten-free)

A fuss-free recipe that's quick to put together and healthy at the same time :)

These pancakes are moist, dense and chewy due to the absence of baking powder/whipped egg whites, hence they are not your usual light, fluffy pancakes.

No artificial food coloring was used too! Instead, dragonfruit puree (just a tiny bit makes a world of difference!) and acai powder were added for colour. In this case, bananas were used as a combining agent & sweetener :) Do note that these pancakes are not very sweet so feel free to add more maple syrup/honey/dates etc if you have a sweeter tooth!

 5-Ingredient Acai Dragonfruit Pancakes
(sugar-, oil- & gluten-free)


1.5 cup rolled oats or instant oats
1 cup sugar-free soy milk (or any milk you prefer)
1 large bananas or 1/2 cup frozen bananas
3 tsp Dragonfruit puree
3 tsp Acai Powder (dissolved in hot water to form a thick paste)

*Optional: if you prefer a sweeter pancake, :)


1. Place oats into a high speed blender/food processor and pulse until fine.
2. Add in soy milk and bananas until a sticky batter is formed.
3. Divide the batter into 3 bowls.
4. Add dragonfruit puree to 1 bowl, and acai paste into another. (Feel free to adjust the amount added to your desired colour!)
5. Heat a non-stick pan on medium-low. Drop batter from a height into the pan to achieve round pancakes, about 1/4 cup each time. 
6. Allow to cook until bubbles appear around the edges before flipping.

I topped mine with cottage cheese and berries ;)



  1. Dragonfruit is expensive in Australia. Is there anything I can replace it with?









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