{Recipe} Cheesy Beef Rendang Croquettes (KnorrSG)

Cheesy Beef Rendang Croquettes that serve as a great snack or potluck dish :)

This is a Mod-Sin recipe created by Celebrity Chef Shen Tan, in collaboration with Knorr Singapore. My 2nd time frying stuff and it was pretty fun!

Recipe as attached:

Made a few adaptations to the recipe, such as adding cheese!

As for the mashed potatoes, I didn't add any flour at all because the mashed potatoes were sticky enough. I then added an additional yolk, 4 tablespoons of melted butter & a sprinkle of coarse black pepper for good measure :)

Some tips for mashed potatoes: Instead of adding raw potatoes to boiling water, place them in a large pot and add cold tap water to an inch above the potatoes before boiling. This helps prevent uneven boiling! Also remember to salt your water while boiling the potatoes :)

Here are some of the ingredients kindly delivered by Honest Bee!

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Knorr's All-in-One Seasoning and Stock cubes are completely 100% MSG-free! 

A short video of the process hehe:



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