{Recipe} Blueberry Banana Acai Bowl // Boxgreen March

Acai bowls are one of the latest food trends in Singapore lately, and it's not difficult to see why :)

Even though it is incredibly easy to make at home, i still find myself succumbing to a bowl whenever I see it :P Simply because it is so delicious, healthy and refreshing especially with the relentlessness weather these days 

Blueberry Banana Acai Smoothie Bowl


   1 cup of frozen blueberries
   2 frozen banana
1 tbsp Acai powder 
    1/2 cup coconut water/water/soy milk


Fresh fruits (e.g. raspberries, strawberries, kiwi, blueberries, figs, ....)
Superfoods e.g. chia/pumpkin/sunflower/hemp seeds, cacao nibs, granola, dessicated coconut, chopped nuts, ...


Blend frozen blueberries, banana, and liquid in a blender. Add more liquid to your desired consistency. 

2. Top with your favourite toppings. I topped mine with fresh figs, raspberries, chia seeds, granola, Macritchie Midnight & Coco Berry Smoothie snacks from BoxGreen!


I'm someone who NEEDS to have some kind of crunch in my yogurt/smoothie bowls, not sure why but i love the textural contrast which truly elevates my eating experience ;)

Thanks to BoxGreen Co, I now have MORE options to top my food with!

Hop over to their website and be marveled by the wide variety of snacks they have. Try customizing your very own box of healthy snacks every month! I often take ages because there is just too many to choose from *_* 

Not a sweet person and prefers savory snacks?
Not a fan of dried fruits and want nuts instead?
A fan of granola and mixed seeds (like me!)? 

Whatever your preference is, i'm sure BoxGreen has something in store for you :)

The best part is? For every box delivered, they donate a meal through Willing Hearts to help the underprivileged, the needy, and other marginalised members in Singapore. 

Quote "charlene30" for 30% your first box of healthy snacks and do your part for the community :)




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