Entertainer 2018 / Cheers 2018 / Bali 201

Cin Cin

I can't even begin to say how much i LOVE the Entertainer App! 

Have been a loyal fan ever since it started and it has honestly helped me saved so much money :) Especially for an avid cafe hopper like me, the app has given me more *excuses* to eat out hahahaha I love how most of my friends have the app too and whenever we are thinking of places to eat, our first choice would always be "somewhere with Entertainer" LOL

Pimp My Salad

My family enjoys eating out, especially during special occasions, and it will usually costs us a bomb as we are a large family (with our plus ones too!). the Entertainer App has helped us saved a lot and i think we saved at least $800 every year? That's mad! We got to know of many new cafes/restaurants/bars from that app too :) 

Fuel Plus+

This year, the Entertainer App is even BETTER! They now have approximately 1700 offers not only from food & dining, but also luxury activities such as spa, facials; sport activities like rock-climbing, spinning classes; and even hotel stays! 

The original price of the app costs $265 but early bird promotion begins now and you will be pleased to know that you can now get the Entertainer App 2018 for $95 instead! And it includes Cheers 2018 + Bali 2018 too :)

Toby's Estate

Cheers 2018 includes 1-1 offers from many high end and upmarket bars such as Nutmeg & Clove, Kinki, Pluck and Aria Roofbar! 

The Entertainer 2018 Launch Party at Cin Cin!

Bali 2018 is a brand new product whereby it features various offers when you are at Bali! It ranges from a wide range of spas, beach clubs, cafes across the island; such as Kilo Bali, Sangsaka, Cocoon, Mandara Spa etc :) 


The best part is their latest concept! With the purchase of the Entertainer App, members get to enjoy exclusive access to getaways - a brand new in-app booking engine which has exclusive rates at over
550,000 hotels in 200+ countries! Yes you can now book your discounted getaways/exclusive hotel room rates via the app itself :) 


 Fat Cow 

Their truffle charcoal wagyu beef donburi (!!!)

Gallery & Co

The Lokal 

The ENTERTAINER app is available for download on iOS and Android :) 

If you are interested, the early bird promotion is a truly good deal! 
Entertainer App + Cheers 2018 + Bali 2018 for $95 



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