His Birthday // Paradise Dynasty

Our favourite dimsum takeaway, enjoyed comfortably in front of the television without the heat and crowd :-) 

llaollao froyo, my favourite since a year ago! Hate the long queue now though sigh 

Tea break at St Marc :) Coffee, salmon & cream cheese toast, chococro! 

The boy's birthday dinner at Paradise Dynasty (Westgate) with his family :-)

Signature Dynasty Xiao Long Baos (8 flavours) $13.80

The famed colourful xiao long baos!! It was definitely pleasing to the eye to see these rainbow-coloured delights :)

Their skin is tinted by natural ingredients such as carrot and spinach instead of artificial colourings, kudos to that! 

There is a particular sequence to follow to ensure optimum tasting of the 8 distinct flavours. However I don't think many would be eating 8 XLBs at one go??? It is a relatively useful guide though :) Basically, eat the heavier flavors last!

1.Original  (white)
2. Ginseng (Green)
3. Foie Gras (Brown)
4. Black Truffle (Black)
5. Cheesy (Yellow)
6. Crab Roe (Orange)
7. Garlic (Grey)
8. Szechuan (Pink)

I manage to try the Black Truffle, Cheese and Garlic one and I loved all 3!
For each xiao long bao, the pork filling was distinctly moist and juicy enhanced by the flavoursome broth, it was absolutely satisfying. 

Pan-fried Shanghai Pork Buns ($4.20)

I frequently order this in a Chinese restaurant as I love the contrast between the soft, fluffy steamed buns and the lightly charred, crispy bottom. A different rendition from your usual steamed paus :)

Steamed Tianjin Buns ($4.20)

The boy let out a loud "wah!" after his first bite hahaha, look at the juices! 

 Vegetable Pork Wanton Soup (6 for $6.80)

Don't belittle this simple dish as each wanton was generously filled and the broth was surprisingly light yet flavourful. Not a single drop was left! 

Garlic Sauteed Spinach

My favourite leafy vegetable :) Love the crunchy garlic bits!

Sauteed french bean with minced pork ($11.80)

Tasty side with a great, smoky flavour though a little greasy! 

Sauteed Diced Chicken with Cashew Nuts and Dried Chilli ($10.80)

Tender chicken chunks that were well-coated with sweet glaze, not cloyingly sweet and luckily for me, it wasn't too spicy. 

La Mian stir fried with Shredded Black Fungus and Minced Pork ($10.80)

The boy and I really loved this! It has "wok hei" and tasted terrific :) A hearty dish with vegetables, eggs and pork!

La Mian with Braised Pork Belly in Signature Pork Bone Soup ($10.80)

Paradise Dynasty offers a huge selection of handmade La Mian. This Pork Bone broth was simmered for 12 hours, resulting in a rich, creamy soup with amazing depth of flavour. 

Hand-pulled La Mian noodles had a great bite too, do eat it as soon as possible though as it may get soggy when soaked in the hot soup. 

Shanghai Fried Rice ($10.80)

We chose this instead of the classic Yang Zhou Fried Rice. Thankfully we did as this was fragrant and had a deep, intense flavour. Opt for this if you prefer stronger flavours!

Red Bean Pancake that had a thin, crunchy pastry which compliments the sweet mushy red bean paste inside. Wished there were bananas in it though.

 Such a happy and scrumptious meal with him and his sweet family :) Would definitely revisit Paradise Dynasty for its impeccable quality Chinese food at reasonable prices :)


Paradise Dynasty at Westgate

3 Gateway Drive,
#02-13/14, Westgate,
Singapore 608532

Mon – Fri
11.00am – 10.00pm (Last order 9.30pm)

Sat, Sun & PH
10.30am – 10.00pm (last order 9.30pm)


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