Pecori Omu-rice

I am a BIG fan of eggs - scrambled, poached, fried whatever ;) Can't believe I used to be allergic to them?! 

Omu-rice has always been my one of my favourite Japanese food, what's not to love about creamy and buttery eggs enclosing fragrant tomato fried rice? :) 

Both the boy and I fell in love with omu-rice ever since we first had it at Kazokutei, a pity they have removed it from their menu now :'( 

From then, we've been trying various omu-rices all over Singapore and to our dismay, most of them actually serve plain white rice instead of tomato rice :(

We've actually spotted Pecori a couple of times whenever we visit Liang Court but never got the chance to try it. So one fine night we decided to dine here, and i'm so glad we did!

Pecori is tucked away at the basement of Liang Court, close to Meidi-ya! This cosy eatery shouldn't be tough to spot, with a huge menu display in front showcasing a variety of their specialty - Omu Rice. 

Choices are aplenty, offering variations that hints Japanese, French and local influence. 

Each plate costs less than $10, order their set and it comes with free flow salad, coffee, tea and soup! Really value for money :-) 

Salad bar includes fresh lettuce, cabbage, corn, seaweed, potatoes and beansprouts!

The soup we tried had a REALLY strong seaweed taste, and it was pretty oily too :/

Bacon Mushroom Cheese Omu Rice With Fish Fries 

I loooooved it! Eggs were really soft and fluffy, with a hint of milkiness and cheesiness. Look at those luscious curds :') 

The tomato sauce was not sour nor overpowering, the cream lightened the entire dish so it doesn't get too heavy towards the end. 

And yay, tomato rice! It was a great flavorful accompaniment to the dreamy eggs, it would be perfect if there were some other ingredients in the rice ;) But for the reasonable price, i'm not complaining!

Totally my kind of comfort food. Not a fan of the fish fries though. Can't wait to try the other variations offered! Everything looks amazing

What a delightful meal with lovely ambience, definitely returning :)


Pecori 卵料理専門店

177 River Valley Road 
#B1-47, Liang Court
Singapore 179030

Mon - Sun: 11:00 - 22:00


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