LOLA Guest Post: Is He Your Soulmate?

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Guest blogged for Love Out Loud Asia (LOLA) and below is my post! :-) 

Is He Your Soul-mate?

You meet someone, you fall in love, and then you think, “Is he my soul-mate?”

What is a soul-mate? To me, a soul mate is someone who reads you like a book, who knows what you are thinking or feeling without you breathing a word, who complete your sentences and probably knows you more than you do. Telepathy might be experienced as both of you are mentally inseparable.
“Our soulmate is someone who shares our deepest longings, our sense of direction. When we’re two balloons, and together our direction is up, chances are we’ve found the right person.”   Richard Bach
In this world where billions of people exist, we meet all sorts of different individuals. Some experienced devastating heart breaks whilst in search of that one person who can open the locks in our heart.

How do you know if he is The One?

1. A soul-mate is different from a partner.
2. A soul-mate enriches your soul, adds quality to your life and completes you.You feel a deep connection with him instantly and he feels like a part of you.
3. Physical attraction is not a factor in this case, instead, it is a feeling that grows within you as the both of you converse. It is this lingering emotion that no words can encompass.
4. A soul-mate is someone you share a spiritual relationship with. He makes you feel completely at ease and comfortable. Even when the both of you just met, you feel like you have known him since forever. It is easy to be yourself and there is never a time you feel tense or uneasy around him.
5. Weaknesses are shared, because you are not afraid to show him who you truly are, so is he. He makes you feel safe in times of vulnerability and insecurities. He accepts your flaws effortlessly and you love him for his imperfections. He makes you want to improve yourself and be a better person for him, even though he loves you just the way you are.
6. There is this unexplainable inertia that makes you tell him every single thing without fear of him judging and have no qualms sharing everything about your dreams, thoughts, emotions and even your darkest secrets. You trust him with all your heart. There might not be sparks or fireworks, on the contrary you feel peaceful and calm, a sense of certainty and security around him.
7. His life values and beliefs align with yours. Both of you share the same mind-set about family, religion, aspirations, wealth, morals and goals; and work towards a better future together. Not only that, you two share similar interests and enjoy doing the same things while appreciating each other’s company. With him, you feel so empowered to take on the world because you know that he will always be there, fighting alongside you.
So how do you know if he is your soul mate? Intuition. You just know that he is someone worth sticking with and someone you can’t imagine absent from your life.


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