Grain Traders

Opened less than 2 months ago, Grain Traders aims to serve hearty comfort food especially for the office crowd.

Grain Traders is a collaboration between KILO and Papa Palheta group, both big players in the market. I love gourmet salads, and when I saw bulgur wheat, sous vide & chargrilled salmon, butternut pumpkin & sweet potato, beetroot yogurt on their menu..... i know i have to make my way down as soon as possible.

Easier said than done, we spent a good old 15 minutes trying to figure our way there hahahaha

You get to choose 1 grain, 1 protein, 1 hot veggie, 2 cold veggies, 1 topping and 1 sauce for $16 nett :) If you have absolutely no clue what combination to order, try their signature bowls for the same price!

I added $2 for their set meal which includes a drink and a snack. However to my disappointment, their drink = a bottle of mineral water; and their snack = a tub of yogurt, there were no other options to choose from :/

My bowl of bulgur wheat, sous-vide & chargrilled salmon, crunchy green medley, mixed beans salad, coleslaw and roasted nuts.

I love the bulgur wheat! My first time eating it and I truly enjoy the nutty fragrance and chewy bite :) Salmon was average in my opinion, it was tender but lacking in the flavour department, it tasted a bit too fishy to my liking.

I was bummed that the roasted butternut pumpkin and sweet potatoes was sold out! Do come earlier if you wanna avoid disappointed :)

Alan & I came at around 5pm and it wasn't crowded at all, unlike the crazy lunch hour where you would have to squeeze and fight with the lunch crowd for food and seats! Moreover, we get to choose our food slowly hahahaha

Beetroot Feta Yogurt was nice!! Mildly sweet with a tangy after-note from the yogurt and feta. A refreshing change as the food does get a bit too salty and overpowering towards the end.

Slow-roasted pork was flavorful, though a bit dry.

Overall we felt that the food was above average though not exceptional. In fact, most of the items were rather salty and overly seasoned which made us really thirsty. However, it filled our tummies nicely and I love the wholesome variety (& colour!) in my bowl :) $16 is pretty reasonable in my opinion, as fresh and quality ingredients were used. I would want to return to try the other items :)

Their breakfast menu looks good!! 

 Oh they also have a separate counter with coffee (using beans from Papa Palheta) and pastries :)


Grain Traders
138 Market Street
Singapore 048946 


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