The Carvery

Meat-lovers rejoice! Singapore's latest chic dining, The Carvery has now opened it's doors and located on the seventh floor of the newly opened and posh Park Hotel Alexandra.
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The first thing you see when you enter through the doors, is the 3m long meat-carving station which features their impressive and comprehensive display of 3-4 top-quality cuts of beef, lamb, pork and  chicken.

 I am a big fan of meat and i was thrilled to be able to try out The Carvery's premium roasts that comes with a wide entourage of accompaniments!

Feel free to ask the experienced carver on which condiments/sauces to pair your meat selection with. For the complete experience, complement your coast with over 50 wine labels by the glass or bottle.

Other than their premium meat selection, the truffle butter is another thing you shouldn't miss and it is made in-house!

Usually not a fan of butter but truffle just makes everything 100000x better hahahaha i thought it went really well with the roasted chicken :) 

The anchovy butter on the other hand, was quite pungent and subtly sweet.

Australian Prime Rib

 This prized cut of grain-fed beef is from the back of the upper rib section of the steer and is known for its rich and robust flavour. It is dry-aged in house to intensify the flavours and tenderize the meat.

The beef is lightly rubbed with salt and pepper before slow-roasting at a controlled temperature for 8 hours and best served medium-rare, with Maldon Sea Salt, red wine jus, or anchovy better.

The meat was incredibly moist and cooked to perfection. The roasted exterior was seasoned nicely and I loved the charred bits ;)

Herb-crusted US Black Angus Tenderloin

This was my favourite! Incredibly tender and had a buttery-texture which melts in your mouth. The herb crust gave a nice kick and balances the richness of the beef.

Special effort was made to each Rotisserie Chicken as the right sized bird with the right proportion of meat and bones is essential in ensuring it will cook evenly without drying out. Each chicken is approximately 1.6kg in weight! It is first marinated in a mire poix - fresh herbs, carrots, onions, bay leaves and celery - for 10-12 hours before roasted on a spit in the rotisserie.

Indeed, the chicken meat was soft, flavourful and very moist :)

Check out my rojak plate of meat with almost all the condiments/sauces available :p Oh I love the truffle salt as well, it went well with everything!

Other meat selection includes New Zealand Roasted Leg of Lamb and Pork Knuckle with Crackling!

Beautiful sharp custom-made designer Laguiole steak knives from France.

Quite a wide selection of salads available but sadly, most of them (esp the mushrooms) were cold and salty :/

Other than roasts, The Carvery features a compact selection of seafood on ice which include Chilled tiger prawns, Canadian black mussels, White clams and freshly shucked Oysters (for dinner).

Freshly baked bread using all natural ingredients!

Various starters for you to choose from before commencing your carnivorous feast ;)

Braised radishes.

Garlic Mushrooms

Black beans pork stew. I liked this! Warm, comfort food :)

French beans with mango, Corn-on-the-cob

Polenta Fries, Roasted Sweet Potato, Roasted Onions and Garlic

Roasted sweet potatoes were too sweet which masked the natural sweetness of the sweet potatoes :/

Wood-fired Plum Tomatoes, Cauliflower Gratin. 

Give their Cauliflower Gratin a try! Cauliflowers were soft but not mushy, and went really well with the milky and cheesy base. 

Pasta station with 3 choices of pasta - spaghetti, farfelle, linguini; and 2 classic sauces such as Pomodoro or Aglio Olio that's prepared a la minute.

Didn't try this but I heard it was mediocre :(

After our first 2 rounds, Alan and I explored the outdoor area and admired the beautiful sunset while waiting for our food to digest haha :') 

Crispy and fluffy Yorkshire Pudding (only available at dinner) that is best paired with a teaspoon of robust Veal jus :)

This was the crowd's favourite but i thought it was average as I'm not a fan of soggy pastries :/ Best eaten when it's still warm!

Lucky us got to try their Baked Salmon with beurre blanc (white wine butter sauce), fennel and capers.

The salmon was tender, flaky and moist, one of my favourite dishes that night! Light in flavors with the richness coming from the beurre blanc sauce :)

Didn't expect much but this English Trifle was really good! Rich dessert layered with luscious thick custard, Bailey's soaked sponge cake, fresh fruits and berries :)

Other sweet treats include Spiced Apple Crumble made with generous wedges of Granny Smith apples dredged in cinnamon and topped with knobbly sandly crumble. I loved the Dark chocolate mousse cups, which was also named "Harry's Choice" because apparently this was one of our late Mr Lee Kuan Yew's favourite dessert :)

Seasonal fruits to cleanse the palate after all the feasting ;)

Overall, a reasonably priced buffet with great ambience, service, and a stellar selection of food :) Skip the carbs and go straight for the premium roasts ;)

Thank you Jeanette for the invite! :)


The Carvery
Park Hotel Alexandra
323 Alexandra Road
Level 7
Singapore 159972

Tel: +65 6828 8880

Opens daily from 12pm-3pm (lunch); 6pm-10pm (dinner).

$38++ for lunch;
$52++ for dinner (Sun to Thurs)
$62++ for dinner (Fri & Sat)


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