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Saturday brunch at DEN :)

Main reason for visiting is to try their beef sandwich which looks really crispy and juicy *_* Plus there's Entertainer 1-for-1! Million thanks to Andy for lending me the app <3

It was roughly 1pm on a Saturday afternoon and thankfully the cafe was really empty, there was only 1 other table aside from us :)

Iced latte was good! 

Patty Melt ($16)

The rye toasts were really crispy and evenly browned. Alan & I ate with our hands (who eats sandwiches with cutlery!!) and it was pretty oily :/ 

The beef patty was well-seasoned and moist, though there were small grubs that I unfortunately bit into and made the whole eating experience less pleasant. Not sure if it's just me but I tasted a hint of curry in the beef patty too ;)

We wished the filling could be more evenly distributed though, as the sides of the sandwich had absolutely nothing so we were just eating crispy plain toasts which were dry, and had to swallow it down with water.
Fries on the other hand were hot with a light crisp! Not oily either :) Would be good if there were some accompanying dips to pair it with, as it got pretty dry and boring towards the end.

Mac N Cheese ($16)

 Truffle Mac & Cheese was a big let-down. I am a big fan of truffle but this unfortunately, only had a faint hint of truffle which occasionally got overwhelmed by the taste of cheese.

The rest of the pasta lacked sauce and seasoning, and I certainly didn't feel like I'm eating Mac & Cheese. We only ate the mushrooms & the top part with melted cheese because the rest of the pasta below were just plain pasta :(

So disappointing because I saw a few good reviews about this dish! Perhaps we were just unlucky. 

Glad for the 1-for-1, if not the food would really not justify its' price :/


After an average brunch we headed over to Pantler for desserts! :)

New item on the menu - Caramel custard tart with Banana and Rum.

Love the crispy & flaky base which tasted like a croissant! Bananas were soft, creamy with a tinge of rum. Love the rich custard and torched sugar top too. :)

Ordered a cold-pressed juice and it was a delightful drink! Light, refreshing and just what i needed on a hot, sunny afternoon :) Not sour at all and surprisingly, pear and starfruit goes really well together :) Wish we had more stomach space to try out their other desserts!


29 Boon Tat Street
Singapore 069624

198 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068637


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