Village Hotel Katong Staycay // Dutch Colony Frankel // Sinpopo // By The Fire

Weekend staycation at Village Hotel Katong :) Our 2nd time here!
Our previous experience there was pleasant and since there was a promotion going on at their website, we decided to book it again :)

We paid about ~$180 for a Deluxe Room (1 King Bed) with no breakfast :)

Requested for complimentary parking too, which requires the use of a parking ticket when driving out.

Checking in took us less than 5 minutes!

Village Hotel Katong is one of the few hotels located in the East, and also within 5-minute walk to Parkway Parade Shopping Mall and 15-minute walk to the East Coast Park. If driving, it is also a 20-minute drive to Orchard Road.

Other hotel amenities include complimentary Wi-Fi access, complimentary airport shuttle service, cable TV, mini bar, swimming pool and gymnasium. There's also complimentary shuttle services to various malls around the hotel, such as i12 Katong and Parkway Parade. Really convenient!

The room itself was great! It was furnished to reflect the strong Peranakan heritage of its location (surrounding Joo Chiat & Katong district) with wooden flooring and nonya wall decorations.

Also brightly lit with adequate facilities, comfortable bed and there's cable TV with HBO! Perfect for the movie junkies :) Wi-Fi was strong, though we had to log in every time we try to connect which is quite troublesome.

The hotel is situated right inside a new retail attraction – Katong V, with various cafes such as Group Therapy Katong, East Manhattan, Bread & Hearth etc.
Alan & I loves grocery shopping and we love how there's a NTUC right below so we can buy some snacks/fruits/drinks back to our room :) 

Gymnasium facing the swimming pool :)


Brownice, a dairy-free, vegan ice cream made from organic brown rice, is located nearby!

I LOVE the dark chocolate ice cream! Matcha was decent too :) Wasn't expecting much but this blew me away. Creamy, rich and definitely not lacking in flavors despite the lack of dairy and eggs. A healthier alternative (yet equally, if not more delicious) to your usual ice cream :)

I added Apricot Granola for $1 but it was tasteless :/


A couple of old school shops (e.g. Glory Catering) along East Coast Rd selling traditional snacks and kuehs, much to Alan's delight. This area truly ooze Peranakan vibes :)

Chin Mee Chin located just a 10-min walk away! It was so crowded so we decided to just get their egg tarts :)

Love the buttery shortcrust tart but the curd was bland and didn't have the egg-y fragrance :(

Popiah from Glory Catering! Interesting crepe-like popiah skin :)


Before checking in, we had brunch at Dutch Colony Coffee Co. (Frankel Avenue)! :)

Every time I enter a cafe, i will head straight to their cakes display! Hahaha is anyone like me too?

 Thai Milk Tea Loaf ($5) was unfortunately very dry. A pity though, as this was supposed to be one of their best-sellers :(

Thankfully the Iced Mocha ($6.50) and Iced Chai latte ($6) were good and reasonably priced too!

The Amsterdam Breakfast Platter ($16)

He will always get the big breakfast wherever we go hahahaha or something pulled pork? Men and their meat/protein/huge appetite :P

This came with eggs, sausages, sauteed white button mushrooms, turkey bacon, roasted potatoes and mesclun salad! You can top up $4 for Espresso Bacon Baked Eggs, sounds fancy.

The scrambled eggs were overcooked, but we liked the roasted potatoes! Otherwise, an average and simple dish which you can easily re-create at home for a fraction of the price.

Smoked Salmon & Beetroot Hummus Bagelwich ($12)

Toasted plain bagel slathered with beetroot hummus, smoked salmon, tomatoes, black olives and sprouts. Served with mesclun salad and dressed with orange vinaigrette.

I love hummus and beetroot hummus sounds enticing! It was indeed tangy and delicious but I would enjoy my meal more if the bagel wasn't so hard, tough and chewy :( Generous portion of smoked salmon though :)

Also, I detest olives so you can see those lonely olives that were mindfully picked out hahahaha


Dinner was at Sinpopo Brand and we ordered their Nasi Lemak Set ($25) which serves 2 pax :)

Coconut rice was very fragrant and you would be glad to hear that it's refillable!
Set includes soft boiled eggs, rojak, sambal fishballs, curry potatoes, Chinese Ma ling spam chips, har cheong gai chicken wings, and deep fried pork belly.

Not the healthiest meal in the world but every component was above average and satisfying :) Generous portion too!

Iced Kopi with Vanilla Ice Cream was rich and gooood, do give it a try!

 Gula Melaka Cake ($7) was moist but honestly very average, also a tad too sweet. We thought it tasted like huat kueh too :/

Visited By The Fire after checking out, which is one of the newest tenants in Alibaba Hawker Bar :)

Main reason was just to try these gorgeous looking Scotch Eggs ($6.90)! 

The minced pork was flavorful and paired well with the soft-boiled egg, though I thought it was pretty salty. The accompanying purple cabbage slaw help cut through the greasiness :) A pretty yummy dish nonetheless!

Hokkien Mee from a neighbouring stall hahahha i don't know how to appreciate this but Alan said it's pretty delicious!


Village Hotel Katong
25 Marine Parade 
Singapore 449536

 Dutch Colony Coffee Co.
113 Frankel Avenue
Singapore 458230

 Sinpopo Brand
458 Joo Chiat Rd
 Singapore 427671

By The Fire
Alibabar the Hawker Bar
125 East Coast Road
Singapore 428810


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