PLANK Sourdough Pizza


 Bro's birthday celebration at Plank Sourdough Pizza! Operated by the same team that developed and operates the successful Baker & Cook chain of artisan bakeries and foodstore.

We visited this place 2 weeks ago and fell in love with their amazing sourdough base, and so we are back here again from the other end of Singapore hahahaha this time round with my dad and Alan :)
Drinks at Baker & Cook, which is located right next to Plank!

Sourdough pizza with Tomato, sauteé onions, portobello + oyster mushrooms with mirin, flaked parmesan + truffle oil ($24.00)

 Our favourite!! A must try for all truffle lovers, the combination of cheese, mushroom & truffle is just amazing. 

Not to mention the sourdough pizza base was pillowy soft, fragrant and chewy :) Really delightful!

Tomato, wild mushrooms, prawns, capers, rocket, smoked salmon, sour cream & dill

A lighter option, and a must-try if you love smoked salmon & rocket :) Generous amount of smoked salmon was given but there wasn't much mushrooms or prawns though :(

Special of the day - Penang Curry Chicken!

This was unfortunately a tad dry and didn't quite cut it for us. 


It's interesting to know that their pizza base is made with the same long fermentation process as the famous sourdough bread at Baker & Cook! A combination of flours are used and left to slowly ferment for up to 48 hours at 8°C using natural wild yeast (levain), salt, water & extra virgin olive oil.

All the pizzas are also pressed out (no rolling pins used!) the traditional way before blasting at 380°C - 400°C until the crust is super pillowy soft with a touch of crispness. The edges are usually dry and tasteless, but not Plank's! It was crispy and has a smoky flavor to it, best dipped in their infused olive oils on the table.

On our 1st visit, we tried their Trio of B&C dips ($13.50) with loads of crostini, served with lemon hummus, red pepper & eggplant and garlic tzatziki dips. These dips are refillable and so delicious. A great appetizer!


PLANK Sourdough Pizza
1 Swan Lake Avenue Singapore 455700
 1 Swan Lake Avenue Singapore 455700


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