Asian BBQ Buffet @ Indulge Grand Park City Hall

Buffet-goers will be pleased to know that Indulge at Park (a 200-seater all day dining restaurant) is offering 2 exquisite weekend buffets from now till 28 September 2015!

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Every weekend afternoon, there will be a Long Weekend Tunch Buffet (Lunch + Tea) which as it's name implies, includes both lunch and tea highlights with an emphasis on regional Asian classics such as Tianjin Pancake Roll, Hong Kong roast duck and pork, assorted dimsum, Penang Rojak, Kueh Pie Tee and Popiah! A great place to enjoy a variety of high tea treats with your loved ones as well as to unwind after a long week :)

I was honored to be able to try out their Asian BBQ Buffet dinner, which encompasses a premium selection of 10 meats and seafood including Salmon Steak, Tiger Prawns, Lobsters, Scallops, US Flat Rib Beef, Oysters, Australian Lamb T-bone, Boneless Chicken Thigh, Australian Beef Striploin steak, and Spanish Pork Belly which you can choose yourself and it will be grilled a la minute and served to your table :)

There are 10 special spice blends and sauces to season your chosen meat! Showcase your inner Masterchef here ;)

Tandoori, Homemade Sesame Oil, Malaysian Sambal, Korean Gochujang Spice, Teriyaki, Hoi Sin Glaze, Asian Barbeque, Lemon Pepper, Garlic and Herb, Cumin and Salt.

Fret not if you are unsure what to add! Just ask the friendly chefs by the side and they will be glad to offer their advice :)

The over-zealous us added way too much seasoning so our grill items were too salty :P

Nicely grilled! I especially love the Beef Stiploin Steak which was well-done yet still tender :)

Do place your orders by using the clips available on your table! My advice is to order it as soon as you can, because we only ordered 30 minutes into our meal and had to wait almost an hour for our items to arrive hahahaha

Vegetables in Edible Soil

Please try the Grilled Pineapples!! Sweet, juicy with a smoky flavour :)

Baked Mussels and Scallops which were unfortunately cold and rubbery.

Mini burgers are good! Baked Crayfish was sadly bland and tough :(

An array of cooked food are available too :)

The vast and sumptuous epicurean spread of over 80 dishes are specially curated by Executive Chef Eric Ong. and features Continental, Asian and local specialties!

Ayam Panggang, was expecting the usual sauce-laden dish so this was a tad too dry for me.

Satay! Perhaps these were left out for awhile as the meat was cold and hard to chew :/

Salad Bar.

Cold Salads

I like the Ngoh Hiang! Packed with ingredients and very flavourful.

 Cheese Bar with assorted cheese, crackers and fruits :)

Asian-inspired Salads :) Papaya salad (Som Tam Malakor) was light, crunchy and really refreshing! 

Crispy Chicken wrapped in Pandan Leaves (Gai Hor Bai Toey) was nice though a bit oily, it went well with their Sesame Sauce :)

Burger buns to make your own Ice-Cream Buns! :) 

 Do expect other Do-It-Yourself counters featuring some Malaysian & Peranakan specialites such as Penang Rojak, Kueh Pie Tee and Penang Assam Laksa! 

Fish masala and Indian curries are also available, and these are best paired with a crispy Roti prata or stuffed sardine Roti John ;)


Definitely one of the highlights of the buffet! Chilled seafood on ice :)

I am not a fan of seafood but these look really impressive!

 Sadly these tasted rather... normal. Nothing outstanding but not too shabby either as you can appreciate the natural flavors of the seafood. 

Most of them were bland and lacked seasoning. We even joked about getting some seasoning from the Grill Station outdoors hahahaha

The boyfriend really liked the fresh oysters though! Unfortunately he went back a few times to check and there wasn't any more left hahaha

Fresh Sashimi!

 Moving on to my favourite part of the buffet..... Desserts!!!

Indulge @ Park boasts an astounding array of desserts showcasing classic cakes, macarons, fruits, Nonya Kuehs, durian pengat and even a DIY chendol bar.

Classic cakes were moist and enough to satisfy your sweet tooth :)

 Interesting Nonya Kuehs :) I enjoyed the red bean kueh with huge chunks of red bean :) Kueh Lapis was soft but lacked the usual buttery fragrance.

Assorted macarons and cupcakes made bite-sized so you can try more flavors and still have the stomach space for other food :)

Both of us enjoyed the blueberry cheesecake most :)


Their Durian Pengat is a MUST-TRY. The boyfriend and I each had 4 bowls???

Crazy rich, creamy, delicious and very potent. Luckily we started desserts early so we didn't have to fight with the queue hahahaha

Overall, I enjoyed the vibrant ambience and service was prompt too! I will definitely be back for the durian pengat ;)

Thank you Jeanette and Rachel for the kind invite and hospitality <3

Long Weekend Tunch
Every Saturday and Sunday 
12 - 3pm
$45++ (Adults) | $22.50++ (4-12 years old)
Until 28 Sep 2015

Asian BBQ Dinner
Every Friday and Sunday 
6.30 - 10.30pm
$62++ (Adults) | $32.50++ (4-12 years old)
 Until 27 Sep 2015


 Indulge at Park
Grand Park City Hall
10 Coleman Street 
Singapore 179 809


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