Paddy Hills

Paddy Hills is best known as the cafe which took over the popular Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice along South Buona Vista Road, as well as its very IG-worthyfood! :)

Instead of the usual white, minimalist theme seen in most cafes nowadays, Paddy Hills adopts a more neutral theme in its color selection, blue/brick walls and wooden furniture. Together with natural sunlight in the day, it creates a warm and soothing ambience :) I love the central counter and the beautiful Slayer*_*

Can't wait to order!!! Was here with the CG to celebrate Pam's and Tianyi's birthday <3 G lad this place is so near school.

Poor them had to wait awhile before they can eat because.. the camera eats first HAHA the food here are so well-plated and gorgeous :)

Iced Mocha ($7.50)

For their coffee, you can choose from their 2 house blend: 99-1 (full-bodied with dark chocolate and caramel) or Spark (sweet with blackcurrants notes)

I ordered their Big Breakfast ($24)!

 2 slices of toasted bread, house-cured salmon, bacon steaks, double roasted mushrooms, chunky avocado, caprese & scrambled eggs (choose from 63, poached, fried, scrambled).

Initially I asked if I can have 1 egg poached and 1 egg scrambled and the waitress agreed! :) However she came back to me in a few minutes time, saying that I must choose the same cooking method for both eggs and that they ran out of poached eggs :( 

I enjoyed every mouthful! It was a plate of my favourite food and i especially like the thick, fat chunk of bacon (they used pork belly) which tasted like.. char siew/pork ribs?

They have a Small Breakfast ($12) option of bread, truffle polenta mash, mushrooms and sous vide egg haha, how cute! 

Hash Hash ($24)

2 slices of toasted bread, roasted baby potatoes, chorizo, sauteed mushrooms, beef shank, polenta chips, shaved fennel, sous vide egg and baked eggs.

Orange Ricotta Pillows ($18)

Fluffy pancakes with orange caramel, citrus salad, burnt citrus, coconut ice cream and crushed pistachios

The coconut ice cream tasted nothing like the ones from Chatuchak! The ones here are super rich and creamy, with a pungent smell and taste of coconut milk.

The most highly raved item on the menu/IG - Berry Ricotta Hotcakes ($19)

Such a piece of art!

Served with blueberry sugar, pine nuts, berries, mascarpone & maple syrup

When I bake, I love eating the crispy, browned sides of the cakes especially when it's warm out of the oven :)

This tasted like a butter cake to me with very crispy and addictive edges. A little on the dry side and recommended to share. 

The following below are lunch items which are only available after 11.30am :)

Squid Ink Tagliatelle ($23)

Squid ink pasta with puffed rice, seared scallops, mentaiko, ikura (salmon roe) and tobiko (flying fish roe)

Please drink more water and check your teeth for stains as you eat this hahahaha

Kimchi Fried Rice ($20)

Served with hanger steak slices, ito togarashi, nori and sous vide egg

I thought the steak was well-cooked but it may be too raw & chewy for some. Kimchi fried rice was on point, with wok hei and the kimchi wasn't too sour/spicy :)

 Potato & Fish ($22)

Rosti, seared sea bass, fried egg, sauteed mushrooms and deconstructed bagna cauda.

Perfectly browned and crispy rosti, which goes well with the bagna cauda sauce :)

One thing about Paddy Hills is their kitchenware really. Love the huge colourful bowls/plates as well as the wooden boards!

The Maze ($22)

Creamy mash with lamb meatballs, cauliflower fritters, polenta chips, crumbled manchego & sous vide egg

Prices are steeper than most cafes out there even though they do not have service charge, but I guess the uniqueness and quality of food makes your money worthwhile.


Paddy Hills
38 South Buona Vista Road, Singapore 11816
Breakfast: 0830 - 1730
Lunch: 1130 - 1730
Dinner: After 1730


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