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Tons of salads shops are opening around the CBD area these days and it is definitely good news for salad-junkies like me :)

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 Skinny Salad is the latest salad bar at 100AM Tanjong Pagar, situated right next to its sister shop Skinny Pizza :)

This wholesome dining joint offers satisfying salads, tasty grilled wraps and vitamin-packed juices and I was so excited to try because I am the biggest fan of these food *_*

Unlike the usual salad shops where you can either choose a signature salad (with all the ingredients mixed and matched for you) or customize your own salad, Skinny Salad strictly offers 8 different salads and 7 different wraps and there isn't a choice for you to DIY.

Reason being each item on the menu is painstakingly curated by Celebrity Chef Philip Davenport, hence an enjoyable eating experience is guaranteed regardless of what you ordered. 

I love their juices!! It was refreshing and boosts my appetite as I try the various food :) They cost $5 each which is a little steep. They are not cold-pressed either.

My favourite ones are Watermelon Rush, The Great C, Caring Carrot and Pick Me Up!

 Privileged to be able to try these different wraps :) Tomato or spinach wraps are used here.

Out of the 7, I particularly liked the Roasted Pumpkin & Goat Cheese Wrap ($8.50) as the pumpkin used was sweet, creamy and paired well with the salty pungent goat cheese :)

Master Stock Pork Belly Wrap ($8.50) was rich in flavours yet refreshing at the same with the use of Vietnamese salad, mint, coriander and kimchi aioli.

I like how they grill their wraps till warm and crispy :) However, I thought it was pretty expensive given that the wraps are pretty flat and thin.

Salad time! Salads here start at $9. 


Roasted Roots & Goat Cheese ($11.50)

Roasted baby beets, parsnip, shallots, baby carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, peas, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pinenuts, goat cheese, italian parseley, lettuce, radicchio and herb dressing.

Undoubtedly my favourite due to my bias for root vegetables hahahaha I love how the fresh crisp vegetables paired with the creamy root vegetables and a slight tang coming from the dressing and goat cheese. Would definitely return for this bowl of hearty goodness.

My second favourite and one of their most popular items - Kale & Quinoa ($11.50) 

Kale, green beans, sprouted lentils, spinach, watercress, cherry tomatoes, beetroot quinoa, tarragon parsley verde. 
Quinoa is usually tasteless with a tinge of nuttiness but in Skinny Salad, they infused their Quinoa with natural beetroot which provided a wonderful sweetness and colour. I am a big fan of kale and quinoa so this salad combination works well for me ;)

 You can top up $3 for confit salmon/roast chicken or lamb for that extra protein boost :)

Fermented Cabbage & Yuzu ($11.50)

Shaved carrots, cucumber, pickled spring onions, tofu, snow peas, enoki mushrooms, radish, fermented cabbage, mung bean sprouts, Asian salad, spicy yuzu dressing and chia seeds. 

 This Japanese-inspired salad was tart, refreshing and could well be an excellent appetizer!

Organic Chicken & Spinach ($12.50)

Roast chicken, fresh corn, spinach, cos lettuce, red radish, sunflower seeds, parsley, chickpeas, cumin yogurt dressing.

This was quite bland but thankfully the yogurt dressing heightened up the flavours :) Chicken was moist and tender too.

 Green Papaya & Snake Beans ($9)

Green papaya, cherry tomatoes, snake beans, chilli julienne, cucumber, Thai basil, kaffir lime, nahm jim dressing and toasted cashews.

Reminds me of the famous papaya salad at Som Tam Nua (BKK)! This was less sour and spicy though.

Cabbage & Nouc Cham ($9)

Red cabbage, white cabbage, carrot, coriander, bean sprouts, Vietnamese Mint, nouc cham dressing and crispy shallots

Strong flavors here due to the Vietnamese mint and coriander. I thought the dressing was a wee bit salty too.

Seared Tuna & Radicchio ($13.50)

Seared tuna, quail eggs, green beans, cherry tomatoes, broken chat potato, white anchovies, red onion jam, olives, radicchio, cos lettuce and basil dressing

I like how a wide selection of  fresh, exotic vegetables are used here instead of the usual romaine lettuce, cabbage and spinach :)

Thank you Janet for the kind invitation and great hospitality! :') 


Skinny Salads
 100 Tras Street, #01-03
Singapore 079027


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