Tanuki Raw


At Tanuki Raw to try out their awesome lunch promotion :)

Their lunch promotion features 6 quality Japanese Rice Bowls and the best part is the promotion runs daily!

They do not take in reservation so do go early. We reached at 12pm on a Saturday afternoon and there wasn't a queue, thankfully!

Ordered straight away because we already knew what we want to order hahahaha everything sounds so delicious though!

Iced Manuka Honey Lemon ($5). This tasted bland but they gladly added more Manuka Honey when requested :) 

His Salmon Don ($12)

I thought this was incredibly affordable! $12 for a bowl of thick freshly sliced sashimi atop well-seasoned rice is hard to find, not to mention the restaurant's prime location at Orchard Road makes this really value for money :)

He enjoyed this!! :)

The moment I saw this on IG/Menu i knew i have to try hahahaha. Truffle Yakiniku Don ($14.80)

 The Black Angus beef short ribs are slow-cooked before pan-searing with truffle soy sauce, resulting in a wonderfully tender and juicy meat that has a great bite to it. Some of my friends commented that they find it a little too chewy though!

I find the fat-meat ratio just nice and i love how the meat explodes with fat thus enhancing the eating experience with every bite *_* And that sous vide egg, omg. Break the yolk, mix it with the seasoned rice and this dish is a m a z i n g

 Do mix the rice before digging into it though! The truffle soy sauce wasn't well distributed so I had spoonfuls of rice that were VERY salty whereas some parts were relatively bland.

 American Cheeseburger Sushi ($10)

 When the boy and I were browsing through Tanuki Raw's menu last night (LOVE restaurants/cafes with online menus), we knew we had to order this.

 Deep fried sushi with sliced beef, cheddar cheese and pickles.

Tanuki Raw offers a range of fusion sushi and I can't wait to head back and try more ;)

Tanuki Raw is also known for it's Happy Hour (5pm-8pm) where fresh oysters go for only $2 each! Definitely one of the best deals in town.  

What a satisfying meal :') We will be back for more!!! 

Desserts after lunch hehe

My favourite home-cooked food by my amazing parents <3

Black vinegar pig trotters!


Tanuki Raw

181 Orchard Road
#02-03 Orchard Central

11:30 AM - 10:30 PM daily
 Lunch Sets daily: 11:30 AM - 3 PM
Happy Hour daily: 5 PM - 8 PM 

Last order of food at 9:45 PM and drinks at 10:15 PM


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