Guac & Go

Guac & Go!!

Been wanting to try these place ever since I read about it, simply because it sells all my favourite food!!

I remember seeing its menu online and immediately told my friends, "I NEED TO GO" #dramamama

 Had a fantastic lunch there with the girls to plan for our BKK trip! We reached around 1pm and there was only one other occupied table other than us :) Not to mention there's power plugs around and free wifi!

We took a LONG time browsing through the menu because it is so hard to decide, when everything sounds amazing

End up sharing 3 mains and 2 drinks! Hehe perks of dining in a group :)

Mega cute wallpaper!!!! 

Matcha Nut Latte ($8) and Avocado Smoothie ($7)
We couldn't taste the matcha in the former due to the overpowering almond milk :/ 

On the other hand, the avocado smoothie tasted really fresh and homemade, just the taste of pure creamy avocado :) The first sip tasted bland but it gets increasingly yummy as you drink more :-)

Big Breakfast Plate ($19)

Poached egg, Sourdough Bun, Cherry Tomato Guacamole, Kale Salad, Roasted Mushrooms, Smoked Salmon, Sour Cream

When this arrived, i was like "Omg the egg is so fresh" and it was! Bonus points to the chunky guacamole too, loved the avocado chunks inside which provided such a great textural contrast *_*

The tangy sour cream helped elevate the entire dish too :)

 Grab a piece of toast and take a bit of everything = Y U M

Happy Trio ($15)

Smoked Salmon, Poached Egg & Smooth Guacamole on Sourdough Bun, with a touch of sour cream


I truly enjoyed every bite as the ingredients were of great quality and really fresh. Feels good to feed the body with pure, honest food :) All of us couldn't stop gushing as we gobbled down our lunch hehe

I remember Jieru said, "I would eat healthy food if they all taste like this" HAHA glad we changed her notion of healthy food :')


DIY Spinach wrap with Quinoa, Cajun chicken, Activated almonds, Roasted mushrooms and Salsa!

The crepe itself tasted different from the usual wraps I've had elsewhere! It has a nice, chewy bite to it :)

Kale chips, LOVE. 

Guac & Go is definitely my fav cafe so far! Prices are similar to other cafes but the ingredients used here are certainly of better quality and definitely fresh.They provide healthy food options too unlike the usual brunch fare, with items like guacamole, kale and quinoa! 

Ambience was quiet and peaceful, all of us had a wonderful time there just chatting over good food in a lovely cafe :)

I can't wait to head back and try more of their breakfast menu (esp their Mango Guac!) and cold-pressed juices! Thank you Guac & Go, for providing such wholesome and healthy dining options :)


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