Nookie Yogurt // Montana Brew Bar

Collected our stethoscopes today! Historical moment :') 

Nookie Yogurt!!! Matcha Black Sesame  x  Mango Sticky Rice ($6.90 each)

Was excited to try out the Matcha froyo because #number1matchafan here. However there was only a drizzle of matcha sauce on top and.. that's it :( Couldn't taste any matcha! It was layered with kiwi and watermelon cubes, heaps of black sesame powder and passionfruit spheres :)


On the other hand, Mango Sticky Rice was really nice! Though there wasn't any real sticky rice inside (wish there were!), the crunchy savory crumble was a delight to eat :) They added chewy mango mochi balls and mango puree gastronomy spheres as well. Love how the sweet juicy mangoes complemented the tangy yogurt :)

The frozen yogurt itself was delicious!!! It was SO creamy that it reminds me of whipped cream. Not to mention it was on the sour side which I love :) It tasted milkier than usual too. 

Almost like my favourite froyo - Smile Yogurt!

Can't wait to head back and try out other flavours, such as Apple Berry Pie, Blueberry Cheesecake & Strawberry Watermelon Rose! 

Walked straight to Montana Brew Bar (which owns Nookie Yogurt too) next, which is located right inside POMO!

It was a cosy cafe, with dim lightings and wooden furniture. I was so excited to try out their waffles, since they were known for their crispy and interesting waffles :)

You get to choose from 2 different waffle bases! The Big Crunch or The Fluffy Souffle :) The former was formulated to produce the crispiest waffle you can ever imagine, while the latter offers a lighter, chiffon-like texture with a lighter crisp.

 Match Strawberry Field Waffles ($9.50)

Green tea waffle, strawberry slices, mango passionfruit spheres and vanilla ice cream.

 I took a bite and.... it was underwhelming :( There was a slight hint of matcha, which didn't taste authentic and Anne was saying it tasted like flowers, which i agree! It has a subtle taste of rose.

Vanilla ice cream was good though, and I particularly enjoyed the burst of tangy passionfruit spheres which went well with the sweet waffles.

We chose The Fluffy Souffle base but were disappointed at the dense interior. It was heavy and cake-y, and the 3 of us didn't manage to finish this :/

Montana Kickass Burger ($11)

Buttery brioche, crispy bacon and a juicy beef patty. We topped up $2 for truffle fries and the smell was irresistible *_* Andrea really liked this burger! :)

 You can expect pocket-friendly prices at Montana Brew Bar, and I would wish to try their Truffle Mac & Cheese waffles soon! :)

Maki-san next because we were still hungry HAHA 


 Nookie Yogurt
PoMo, 1 Selegie Road #01-04, Singapore 188306

 Montana Brew Bar Cafe
1 Selegie Road
Singapore 188308


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