Ollie Cafe

Met the girls at Ollie Cafe! Situated at the basement of Orchard Gateway :) A quaint cafe that serves all day breakfasts, salads and burgers!

 Sabsouska ($15.90) - Con Carne, 2 eggs, Cheddar Cheese, Jalapeno & Toast.

 Comfort food done right :) Love the tangy Con Carne!

 Ollie Signature Salad ($11.90) - Avocado, pickle capsicum, beetroot, tomato confit, chicken chunks, sous vide egg and toast.

Hehe Cai-er knew I would order this because of my love for avocados! Glad it didn't disappoint, the combination of ingredients was great and ingredients used were fresh :) Definitely a hearty salad that is good for sharing.

 Ollie Breakfast ($18.90) - Choice of eggs (we chose scrambled!), roast potato, smoked chicken bratwurst sausage, sauteed mushrooms, smoked turkey ham, baked tomato, mixed salad and toasts

Different from the usual Big Breakfasts found in cafes, Ollie's version has a larger variety of food that certainly fills you up in no time.

 Woody Wood Piper ($18.90) - Grilled Portobello, monteray jack cheese, mushroom ragout, quattro cheese, sous vide egg, mixed salad and truffle fries.

 When this arrived at our table, all of us went "WOW OMG"

It was a spectacular plate of burger with generous amount of cheese that looks too good to be true. The chicken patty was seasoned well and juicy, and the portobello mushroom was also grilled perfectly as it wasn't too chewy. Definitely value for money!

P.S. You can choose either a beef or chicken patty for their burgers, and upgrade to Wagyu patties for $8!

 Runny yolk + truffle fries = O M G

Prices were reasonable for the quality of food, not to mention it is located right at the heart of town :)
Staff was attentive and helpful as well! 


Ollie Cafe

Orchard Gateway
277 Orchard Road


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