Bake Sale @ MBWG

Was kindly invited by the beautiful Kimberley to join her bake sale @ Mean Bean & Wicked Grind last Sunday! 

I was stoked and flattered to have this opportunity because it is my first ever bake sale! Immediately started planning/brainstorming/researching what to bake, discussed with the boy, my family and friends and spent countless nights just thinking and thinking....


I knew i would want to bake my favourite Banana Buttermilk Bundt Cake! Studded with choc chips & a squirt of custard inside :) Glazed with dark chocolate ganache and topped with roasted chopped almonds! 

This was the only bake that i am satisfied with, taste and aesthetic-wise.

Second item, I wanted something matcha because i am such a matcha fangirl myself :)

Matcha Azuki Cake with homemade azuki bean cream & matcha mousse! Dusted lightly with matcha powder and topped with custard and chestnuts. 

It was my first time making matcha mousse so the texture was a bit too jelly-ish for my liking. Didn't like the entire outlook of this cake too, it looks so... fragile, flimsy and.. blah

For my final bake, i was considering between my French Apple Custard Cake or a Strawberry Yogurt Cheesecake. Decided on the latter because I've made it a couple of times and have garnered really good feedback!

However for this bake sale, I chose to sandwich the yogurt cheesecake in between 3 layers of strawberry/vanilla sponge cakes which i thought kinda stole the main focus of the cake? The sponge cakes layer were too thick so there was more cake than cheesecake per mouthful :(

Made the Matcha Azuki cake in rectangular slices too!

Learnt lots from this bake sale and made a few mistakes which I hope I won't repeat. I was deeply disappointed not being able to produce my best or what I had in mind, but oh well, till next time! Still very gratified by this experience and I'm glad i participated :)

Thankful for the family whom are very concerned and supportive, constantly asking if I need help and being my guinea pigs and the bro for specially driving me to deliver the cakes. The boy who is my biggest supporter and critic at the same time, for coming over early to help, carrying the cakes for me, lending me his shoulder to rest on, giving me massages and being my listening ear :') Also, to my sweetest friends who supported and those who wished me luck!! Love yáll <3

To the rest who bought the cakes, a big thank you to you guys and i really appreciate it! X


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