Loysel's Toy // The Bravery // Artistry

Café hopping @ Lavender with my uni girls! 

It was lovely seeing their pretty faces again hehe, meeting them in med school is definitely one of the best things that happened to me <3 

Our first stop was Loysel’s Toy! A café Anne always wanted to visit and i'm glad we finally did :-)

It is located at such an ulu location though!! I led them to a different direction initially HAHAHA so sorry girls :P Luckily we managed to find our way there with Jieru’s skills and Google Maps ;) It was about 15-20 mins walk from Lavender MRT!

Opened by the people behind Papa Palheta's Coffee, Loysel's Toy is a quaint café that was cozy with a small indoor seating and a large al-fresco area. Ambience was peaceful and quiet, a nice place to chill with friends or for a romantic date :)

Eggs Ben Trio ($15) with Smoked Salmon, Bacon and Smoked Ham.

Eggs were runny and the hollandaise was creamy and rich. I thought this was pretty good as you get to enjoy 3 different types of meat, with a reasonable price tag as well!

Loysel's House Muesli ($7) 

We couldn't stop exclaiming how pretty this was presented! It was refreshing and a nice dish to have when you are sick of the comparatively heavy eggs ben :-) It's something we can make easily at home but still… worth a try!

Didn't get to try their baked goods and pastries this time round because we have to save tummy space for other cafes ;) 


Walked to The Bravery, yet another hipster cafe without a signboard so it's quite easy to miss! A cafe owned by the folks behind The Plain, it sports a simple - almost bare - and rustic furnish. On a side note, it was darker inside than I remember it to be? I miss the natural sunlight and ample lighting 

The fairy lights on its large communal table were soooo gorgeous though, it definitely adds a festive vibe to the café and feels like Christmas all year round ~ 

Left: Flat White ($4.50)
Right: Lavender Latte ($5.50)

Using Genovese blend from Brazil, the coffee served here is superb. I enjoyed the fragrant aroma of the Flat White which leaves a slight bitter after taste and its velvety crema!

On the other hand, the Lavender Latte was not my thing. It was interesting but the lavender essence was way too pungent for me, almost masking the bittersweet aftertaste of the coffee. It was hard not to think of drinking essential oil while having this :p

Bravery Pancakes Stack ($15)

One of the highly raved items, these pancakes were delicious! I heard they were made from a pre-mix though but still, i enjoyed every single morsel of it. Moist, fluffy pancakes paired with tangy ricotta cheese and sweet bananas, plus chopped pistachios for a nutty texture. J

Brave Begedil ($17) with 2 poached eggs, turkey bacon (because this is a halal cafe) and avocado on begedil, which is technically corned beef hash.

This is an unique dish that is different from the usual café food. The begedil had an exotic taste to it, reminding me of North Indian cuisine. Though I wish it could be more crisp to offer a contrast in textures :)


We were all psyched to try out The Tiramisu Hero but damn, it was closed :( SIGH :(

Frantically searched for other nearby cafes and we took a short walk to Little Prince Cafe which wasn't outstanding so we left :p

Decided to bus down to Bugis for Artistry!! One of my all-time fav café :)

So happy to be back at Artistry without the crazy crowd. En route to Artistry I was hoping that they are still serving the PB&J French toasts after reading all the raves on IG/internet! 

Imagine my delight when they said that it's available!! 

PB&J French Toast ($14)

It truly lives up to it's name. This warm, crispy brioche french toast stuffed with swirls of PB and raspberry jam was divine especially when eaten with a dollop of cold vanilla ice cream :) I really liked the tangy mixed berries compote that helped off-set the sweetness. 

All of us had nothing but praises for this! My only gripe was that there could be more peanut butter though. Andrea couldn't taste it until her last mouthful hahahaha

Cranberry Turkey & Parma Ham Panini ($12) with Turkey & Parma Ham, Brie, Baby Spinach and Chef's own Cranberry Relish.

Anne and I enjoyed Artistry's paninis on our previous visits and i'm glad it didn't disappoint this time round :) I am a big fan of paninis (all kinds of sandwiches actually) and Artistry remains as one of my favourite places to satisfy my craving :)

Blueberry yogurt smoothie ($7) was thick, refreshing and creamy. This cooling and healthy antioxidant-packed beverage is perfect for the hot weather ;)

Cant wait to be back to try more of their items! This is one café I don’t mind visiting over and over again for its amazing food, ambience (weekdays) and friendly service :)


Met the boy for dinner at Watami afterwards :-)


Loysel's Toy
66 Kampong Bugis 
#01-01 Sam Tat Building
Singapore 338987

The Bravery Cafe
66 Horne Road, Singapore 209703
+65 62254387
Closed on Tuesdays

17 Jalan Pinang
Singapore (199149)


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