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Sundate with the boy @ Pies and Coffee! :-)

Assortment of sweet and savoury gourmet pies!

We went to the branch at Rochester Park and it was quiet and peaceful with just a few tables occupied.

It is a relatively huge cafe with aplenty outdoor seats for al-fresco dining and limited seats indoors. I appreciate the relaxed and contemporary vibes it gives, definitely a good place for dates or to chill with friends :)

Very accessible too as it's just a few minutes walk from Buona Vista MRT!

Hearty Brekkie ($14.50)

P&C's Signature breakfast consists of soft toasted Belgian waffles with a crispy crust, velvety scrambled eggs, a cheesy chicken sausage and mesclun salad which is given a homemade citrus dressing just tangy enough to nudge you awake in the morning.

The waffles served as a refreshing alternative to regular toast and they were indeed crisp with a slight crunch from the pearl sugar. I expected it to be soft and chewy (like BKK's The Waffle) but it was dense and tight-crumbed. It tasted like a sugar cookie to me! The boy really liked it though :) 

Scrambled eggs were buttery, creamy and well-seasoned. Not bad!

Bagel Smoked salmon stacked ($14.50) 

Truffle mashed potatoes with green peas are stacked gloriously atop a toasted bagel, together with fresh button mushrooms and scrambled eggs. Generous serving of smoked salmon crowns this glorious dish.

A unique combination of ingredients made this dish really out-standing and which was why i chose this in a heartbeat. Boy i'm glad i did! 

I loooove the truffle mash! Or maybe because i love anything truffle hahaha. The truffle fragrance was pronounced and i enjoyed the flavorful sauteed mushrooms too. Everything else on this plate was great :)

It is very filling with the potatoes and bagel, but certainly satisfying. 


Their breakfast items come with either cloudy apple or orange juice, making the entire set really value for money :)

We had their Quiche Lorraine which was lovely and served as a pretty good appetizer/side item!

 Didn't try their pies because they were huge and we didn't have enough tummy space for it! Would definitely make a trip down to try their pies and coffees (pun unintended hahaha)


Dinner at Chef's Noodle!

Bulgogi Ssam - Bulgogi Beef Wrap ($6.90)

Both of us really liked this dish! These thinly sliced beef were well-marinated and bursting with rich and strong flavours. Not to mentioned the soft caramelized onions added a sweet accompaniment to this savoury side dish. Eat it with a piece of fresh lettuce in one mouth and it was such a great appetizer! 

Chef's Guksoo ($13.90) - their Signature noodle dish!

Soft textured noodles in concentrated, savoury sweet flavoured beef broth that comes with a slight peppery aftertaste. It was topped with slow stewed Pork Bulgogi and a healthy dose of fresh fresh vegetables. 

Made my day when this bowl packed with ingredients was served :) Other than pork and vegetables, a hand-stamped tamago and beancurd was included too. I love it when my main (e.g. noodles/rice) comes with an assortment of ingredients so I won't get bored eating the same combination ^^

I enjoyed the thin noodles which was perfectly cooked and soft without being soggy. Beef broth was full-bodied yet light at the same time, couldn't stop drinking it!

The stamped tamago/egg roll is so adorable :)

Kochi Odeng Guksoo - Skewered Fishcakes Noodles ($11.90)

Kochi Odeng, or skewered fishcakes, is a very popular street food in Korea. It is a hearty dish that will whip up your voracious appetite. 

The boy chose this because he watched the cast of Running Man eating it on the show sometimes and always wanted to try it HAHA

I thought the skewered fishcakes were pretty tasty, and it means a lot as I was never a fan of fishcakes/fishballs/meatballs/etc. These did not have the artifical plastic-y taste and they were soft and bouncy. Not to mention they added a robust flavour to the broth. 

Satisfying dinner :)


Pies & Coffee
  #01-02 Rochester Mall
35 Rochester Drive

Chef's Noodle
Jurong Point Shopping Centre
63 Jurong West Central 3
Singapore 648331 


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