{Recipe} Matcha Macarons

My third time baking macarons and finally, proper feet!!! :-) Third time's the charm indeed

LOTS of room for improvement definitely! Ãt least the taste was good and the sister loved it yay :)

Filled it with chocolate almond butter, a random idea because i didn't expect to succeed hahahaha, Surprisingly this sweet, nutty filling complemented the slight bitterness of matcha!

Used the italian method this time because I've heard of its higher success rate and judging from the results.. i guess it's true! The candy thermometer was a worthy investment ;) Just need to work on my technique more :/ Shells weren't crunchy enough and some of them stuck on the baking paper :( Might need to get a silpat?


Matcha Macarons
adapted from Pierre Herme's basic macaron recipe

Macaron Shells 
(makes about 28 macaron shells)

75g Superfine Almond Meal
75g Icing Sugar
55g Egg White (divided into 2 portions)
5g Matcha Powder
75g castor sugar
20g water


1. Sift almond meal, icing sugar and matcha powder.

2. Pour the first half of the egg whites into the dry ingredients. Mix well using a rubber spatula to form a thick paste.

3. In a saucepan, bring the sugar and water to a boil at 118°C over medium heat. Do not stir as crystals will form. When the syrup reaches 115°C, whisk the second portion of egg whites till soft peaks using an electric mixer at medium-high speed.

4. Pour the sugar syrup slowly down the sides of the mixing bowl in a steady stream, avoiding the whisk attachment. Whisk and allow the meringue to cool down to 40°C. The meringe will be stiff and very glossy. 

5. Using a spatula, fold 1/3 of the stiff egg whites into the almond meal mixture till smooth and aerated. Fold the rest of the egg whites in 2 batches gently and till well-blended. The batter should be thick and lava-like!

6. Spoon the batter into a large piping bag with a round tip.

6. Pipe rounds of batter about 3.5cm in diameter, 2cm apart on a baking tray lined with non-stick coating baking paper. Leave to stand for at least 30 minutes until a skin forms on the surface. 

7. Preheat the oven to 150°C, fan-forced with bottom heat and bake for 12 minutes (depending on your oven!).

8. Remove the baking paper from the pan after taking it out from the oven to stop the baking process. Allow the shells to cool. 

Do allow the macarons to age in the fridge for at least a day after filling them for better textures and flavours :)


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