Sis's Birthday // Matcha Vertical Tiramisu

Sis's birthday sleepover/party :-)

Sis & her friends were planning for a birthday sleepover at Hazel Park and so all of us decided to hold a mini birthday party over there!

It wasn't a grand party, just a cozy gathering with delicious home-cooked food and lovely company <3

Started baking the cake early in the morning and shortly after, my parents woke up and started their preparations too :) 

Fruit basket containing the freshest fruits handpicked by mom to be brought over for sis and her friends! Being the fruit fly i am, I couldn't resist wrecking their work by stealing a few fruits as they assembled hahahaha

Asked sis what cake does she want a few days back and she requested for something "dense and moist-y" (?!) HAHAHA. Gave a few suggestions, looked through a few recipes and pictures together; in the end we decided on a matcha tiramisu! But with a twist which I didn't want to tell her till she cuts the cake ;)

Matcha Tiramisu :-) Vertical layers of matcha sponge, soaked with kahlua and filled with Mascarpone Cheese. We went grocery shopping for her cake the day before the party and bought these Vanilla and Strawberry Redondo biscuits for a 'sweet, girly' border hehe

There could be more filling in between the layers, but it was SO hard to roll the cake with the filling leaking everywhere!! The assembly was so messy and i made a point to use a thicker, sturdier filling next time should I attempt a vertical cake again :)

Table full of food all prepared by the parents!! Her friends were all "oooh"-ing and "aaah"-ing haahaha so cute :) 

Braised pork belly with yam.

Deep-fried prawns dressed in wasabi mayo

Handmade Ngoh Hiang by mum! 

Dad's specialty - Mushroom Rice!! 

Apparently some of my sister's friends tried this once and they have been craving for it ever since hahahaha so this dish was a special request from them ;)

My favourite Egg Mushroom Chicken Noodles!

Sweet breaded chicken chunks with sesame seeds and cashews

Steamed vegetables; and fishcakes bought by sis's friend!

When all of us were done eating, sis suddenly exclaimed. "omg we forgot about the thai salad!!!" which was in the fridge the whole time HAHAHAHA

I also made mini cheesecakes :-)


My sis has always been one of my strongest pillar of support. Those who know me (or her) would know how close both of us are, we used to have sister-dates where we would go shopping dressed up in certain themes such as Monochrome, Colourful, Stripes and Retro. Not now definitely, I think our skin grew thinner as we age hahaha. She has taught me so many things since young, from helping me with my physics and maths homework (she is really so patient and smart) to everything else about life. 

From young, she has been my best friend, my confidante and someone whom I know will always love, care, trust and believe in me no matter what. I know I will have her support in everything I do <3 I vividly remember her staying up way past midnight just to help me with my v-day gifts for my friends back in secondary school :') 

I used to be this chubby and overweight kid back in kindergarten and primary school, i never liked hanging out with my small-sized and petite friends because of the stereotype i always get haha. I remember staying home just watching TV and indulging in my coke, chips and kinder bueno or just reading and using the computer all day long. My tall and slim sister however, would always invite, and sometimes persuade/force, me to go out with her and her friends for their shopping trips or steamboat gatherings :') Her friends are always so kind to me too, buying me stickers and food every time we meet. Every now and then when i think back, i still feel so touched and blessed to have her. Who in the right mind would bring your lard-y and uncool sister along when you are hanging out having fun with your friends?! My sister thinks otherwise though, her love and care for me surpasses all these concerns :') She might not remember all these, but it really meant such a great deal to me back then, it's all these little things that really touched my heart. 

We never quarreled nor argued, there was never any jealousy, fights or competition between us. Partly because of her good-nature, her lack of temper, and how she is just so angelic. We share clothes, we go shopping together, we cafe-hop together, we choose our clothes every night together, we travel together, we go for manicures/facials together, we complain about our curly hair woes and big feet together, we do silly nonsensical stuff together, we laugh and cry together. We used to go for fan meets together (because she is the only one willing to accompany me) as well as attend dance classes and embarrass ourselves together hahahaha.

She will smile, nod her head furiously and go "wah nice ah! very good! " whenever she eats my bakes. Regardless of how much I complained about the poor presentation/texture/taste, she will reassure me that my worries are completely unfounded, and that they taste great. She will boast to her friends about her "baker sis" and telling me about the poor cakes she had outside before saying "i think you can bake nicer ones lor." :') 

I can talk to her about anything. She will put down whatever she's doing and listen to me. You know how you can feel it when someone's sincerely listening to you and feeling for you with his/her heart? That's how she makes me feel every single time, without fail. 

Occasionally, we would chat for hours before we sleep. We would talk heart-to-heart late into the night and share about everything that's happening in our life. She is constantly interested in what I have to say, and gives genuine and constructive comments/suggestions to my problems. And she always seem to read my mind <3

She is the amazing elder sister to my brothers and I, always so generous and showering us with treats every now and then, offering her help whenever she can. On days we eat out or go shopping together, she buys me whatever I want, with the occasional nags if needed haha. Same goes to my brothers too, and i am truly blessed to have such loving and protective siblings :') 

She was the one who spent hours in the toilet teaching me how to put on contacts for the first time, the one who puts on make up for me during CNY, the one who wraps my books for me, the one i can always bully :')

To me, she is perfect. My protective older sister and my crazy best friend all in one :) It is my utmost blessing to have her as my sister <3


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