Happy Fathers' Day!

It's Father's Day Weekend!

The past week was spent recuperating at home because I just did epi-lasik on Tuesday (10th June) :)

One of the best things that happened to me hehe, thankful for the parents who let me go ahead for this procedure despite worrying to bits <3

Blogged a little about it on my Dayre! Even though i should be avoiding phone usage :P


Prepared a simple breakfast for the family on a nice, bright Saturday morning :-) Constantly practicing my scrambled eggs and this one received high praises from dad, yay!

Also baked a tiramisu swiss roll with mascarpone filling that morning :)

Initial plan was to have dad's favorite Chicken Rice at Golden Hill but it was closed for the day hahahaha. Decided to dine at Teochew Cuisine Restaurant instead!

We ordered kway chap with a platter of braised duck, pork, eggs and tau kwa, a plate of pig intestines (yuck haha) for the boy, fish soup, spinach in superior stock, fried squid in salted egg yolk, and oyster omelette!

 Durians by the road side for dessert~ ^^ 


Father's Day lunch with the boy's family at Saboten! 

Chicken Karaage ($4.50)
French Fries ($4)

Saboten, one of the largest Tonkatsu chains in Japan, is known for serving one of the best Tonkatsu (fried breaded pork loin cutlet) in town. I've heard lots about it and finally got to try them :-) 

They recently revamped their menu and added a lot of new items like teppanyaki, 18 set meals and shabu shabu! (only available at IMM)

Chicken Teriyaki & Half Loin set ($15.90)

It was packed when we arrived and we were told to wait for 20 minutes so meanwhile we browsed through its menu and picked our order first ^^ 

There were lots of promotions going on due to GSS and i personally feel that their set meals are extremely value for money! It comes with unlimited cabbage, rice and miso soup :) I appreciate the fresh cabbage served with sesame dressing as it is a refreshing side to have for a sinfully delicious main :)

I particularly enjoyed grinding my sesame seeds in the mortar bowl before sprinkling them over my rice to add that extra fragrance. 

Pork Teppanyaki ($9.90)

Ebi Mentai & Half Loin set ($13.90)

Shrimp & Katsu Curry Set ($11.50)
Chicken Teriyaki & Chicken Katsu Set ($14.90)

The tonkatsu definitely did not disappoint! I really detest the oily and greasy feeling that fried food leaves but Saboten's tonkatsu was deep fried perfectly and were not overtly oily. I am amazed how its fine breading remains light & crisp after leaving it out to cool for some time. Best eaten when warm though. 

The pork loin cutlet itself was juicy and soft; the fat to lean meat ratio was just nice too! Those who know me would know I usually stay away from fried food but this is exceptional. Crunchy breading enveloping tender and flavourful pork loin, dipped in their special tonkatsu sauce, i truly enjoy every bite :-)

With lovely ambience and affordable, delicious food, we left the place happy and satisfied! 


Teochew Cuisine Restaurant
Bukit Batok West Ave 6 
Blk 132 #01-300 
Singapore 650132

2 Jurong East Street 21
#01-19 IMM Building
Singapore 609601


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