Strawberry Vanilla Ombré Cake

A 21st Birthday Cake for my dearest Chong Ying! <3 One of the gems I treasure from my good old SP days :')

Strawberry Vanilla Ombré Cake filled with Salted Caramel Cream Cheese and frosted with Strawberry Ombré SMBC :-)

Strawberry SMBC made with fresh strawberry puree is so yummy!! Didn't strain the puree because I want the seeds to appear in the frosting hur hur

Spent hours in a half-squat position trying to smooth out the frosting, balancing the ombré effect (which is sadly not obvious) and achieving the wave effect, glad it turned out pretty okay!

Also made a Banana Bundt Cake for her birthday party, thank you for your faith and trust in me dear!! All the hard work and late nights are definitely worth it for you :)


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