Assembly Coffee

I had such a wonderful evening here I remember smiling non-stop and bobbing about as I tuck into my food hehehe. It was such a delightful evening - no crowd, no queue, just delicious food over light-hearted conversations with my fav boy :')

Scrambled Eggs Croissant (S$13.90) - comes with a choice of honey baked ham/smoked salmon.
LOOOVE the scrambled eggs! A generous portion of creamy, silky and buttery goodness ~

Pulled Pork Sandwich with Green Apple Slices ($14.90)

Flavourful well-marinated pork though it was slightly dry! Love the sweet and tangy pairing with apples. 

Iced Latte ($5) & Iced Coffee with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream ($6) 

Coffee was good! Not surprised since the coffee beans were outsourced from Liberty Coffee :)

Earl Grey Caramel Waffle with Homemade Caramel Sauce, Fresh Strawberries & a scoop of Vanilla Ice-cream ($11.50)

Definitely one of the better waffles I've tried! It was fluffy with a light crisp on the outside. The subtle hint of earl grey was delightful, though slightly overpowered by the caramel. 

Took a long relaxing stroll back to the MRT, did a quick grocery shopping at Cold Storage and concluded our perfect evening :=)


Assembly Coffee 
26 Evans Lodge Singapore 259367
Tel: 6735 5647


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