First Post! // 40 Hands

Finally got down to creating this site, something I have always wanted to do since Uni started 

Blogging has always been a part of me, I remember how obsessed I was back in secondary school, blogging every single day without fail :) Back then, I will note down every single detail of my day so I can blog about them hahahaha really too free. But i'm glad i did because reading those old blog posts now really brings back so much splendid memories :') Not to mention those days where I explored html, edit blog skins, find the nicest 'tagboard' and putting cute stickers on my pictures... sigh :') 

It's the summer holidays now so i guess there is no better time to start documenting my life once again :-) Really hope i can keep this up even after school resumes.

First year of med school has been pretty awesome, still incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to study what I'm passionate about and for the new friendships forged <3 It may be tough at times, but there's nowhere else i'd rather be :)


Tried 40 Hand's new brunch menu with Mama and Sissy! We ordered their Big Boy Breakfast and Chicken Pesto Panini, complemented with specialty coffee blends (iced mocha and latte) from Common Man Coffee Roasters :)

And of course, their tau sar paus!


Forty Hands (40 Hands) 
78 Yong Siak Street (Tiong Bahru) #01-12 
Closed on Mondays 


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