Five & Dime

Loving the minimalist exterior of Five & Dime, there's nothing not to love about the white brick walls and large glass panels for pockets of sunlight to shine through :-) A lovely place for our 37th <3

Made a reservation at 10am and the place was already half-filled when we arrived. F&D offers reservation at 10am, 12pm and 2pm for weekend brunch :)

Both of us had already browsed through their online menu last night and knew what to order hahaha. Have I mentioned how much I appreciate cafes putting up menus on their website?? SO incredibly useful!

Wanted to let the boy try their Mentaiko Pasta but that would mean we can't share our food bc I don't like Mentaiko heh #picky

BUT he did say that he didn't feel like having pasta that morning!!

Desserts for the day are clearly stated on their black chalk board hanging up against the brick wall - there's this thing about chalk boards that makes me stop and slowly appreciate the beautiful work done by the artist :) Old school, yet very hipster-ish at the same time. 

We didn't try their new Sticky Date Pudding nor their famed Chocolate Custard Lava Cake bc we were so full after our mains!

Spinach Tamago ($16)

Something I've always wanted to try! Thick and sweet omelette stuffed with sautéed spinach and served with hollandaise, roasted potatoes, fruit salad and greens.

 The omelette was soft and thick but this dish didn't wow me :( it was subtly sweet, just like a regular tamago. However it gets quite cloying after awhile, I guess I still prefer my salty and savoury scrambled eggs haha :) The spinach buried within wasn't chopped and I was too lazy to slowly saw through them, so I end up pulling out the entire bunch of spinach with a chunk of omelette heehehe

I didn't like the white toast too, it was thick but dry :( Give me my soft and fluffy (preferably wholegrain HAHA) breadddd

The roasted potatoes with bacons bits was delightful though! Oh, the boy insisted on giving me his scrambled eggs (& fruit salad hehe) and ate the spinach-free tamago bc he knows I wasn't really enjoying it, even though he didn't particularly liked the tamago himself :') Thank you for all this little sweet things you do <3

Corned Beef Hash with Scrambled Eggs ($16)

He enjoyed this dish! We liked the scrambled eggs as well and the portion was generous :)

Overall I really enjoyed the ambience over at Five & Dime :-) There is a slight lack of convenience though. Do visit at ulu hours because they get really crowded during peak hours.

Food was not superb but sufficiently filling, and I do appreciate some unique items on their brunch menu that distinct them from the other cafes :)


Five and Dime Eatery
297 River Valley Road
Singapore 238338


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