Date with Jiayi // Toss & Turn

The biffie came over for breakfast today! 

Promised to make her a birthday breakfast and finally got around to doing so :) Both of us were looking forward to our date today hehe miss her so much. Am really glad we are still as close as ever despite our hectic schedules and busy lifestyles, and we will always make time for each other <3 

We shopped around town after i grabbed my Tsujiri fix, bought a few stuff at H&M, had our late lunch at Toss & Turn (the place where she converted me into a smoked salmon fan hehe) before we ended our date with a spontaneous trip to Cityhall for llaollao yogurt :-)

Did a hair treatment after that and met the boy who sent me home :') Love long bus rides with him! It was such a lovely day spent with my favourite people :) 

Thank you ling for the birthday present! Hehe as we both grow up, presents don't seem to matter anymore. Her presence and support all these years are more than sufficient :') Our hearty conversations and time always seem to pass faster whenever we are together :( It's amazing how we have endless things to talk about and I'm gratified at how comfortable i am around her :) 

Can't wait for our next meet-up and hopefully our overseas trip will materialize!! 


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