Breakfast platter! Chestnut yogurt which the boy insisted on buying for me even though it was really pricey :')

Hehe the "yfingerfood" series is just going to be a compilation of my breakfast/snack bowls, and some of my family's breakfasts & dinners over the past week :-)

Lazy mornings - lazy to arrange my food properly

Breakfast for Jiayi :)

My favourite kind of snack/breakfast :) Red kiwis are definitely my fav now!!!! So packful of nutrients and SO SWEET

Steamed sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs with bell peppers, pumpkin and cheddar cheese

Cooked lunch for the boy & I sometime back! Garlic oyster mushrooms, hotplate tofu, mushroom brown rice, and cheesy spinach chicken rolls.

Wholewheat pancakes with guacamole and yogurt

Hakka Thunder Tea Rice!!! Loveeee this

Omelette with bacon and mushrooms, pan-seared salmon, roast pumpkin

Matcha Crepes with fresh fruits and yogurt, matcha latte

Pumpkin Millet, salmon belly and broccoli

Mum made chicken avocado salad!

Almond-crusted french toasts drizzled with yogurt and paired with fresh fruits, cheese and nuts

Runny yolks are the bestttt

Pan-seared salmon atop a bed of rocket quinoa salad!


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