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Cafe hopped in the East today with the foodies today!! So long since we last met ^^ 

Have always envied the Easties because of the wide and varied selection of food over there! Ranging from local delights to the up and rising cafe scene ~

Our first stop was Carvers & Co! 

We ordered their Truffled Egg Toast ($15) with whipped Grana Padano and Candied Bacon which was delectable, because I love anything truffle hahaha. and that runny yolk <3

The Carves Plate ($25) with sausages, Carver's Gammon Ham and carvings of the Roast of The Day served with roasted potatoes. 

A hearty plate that is bound is excite any carnivore out there ;) This platter changes daily and we had lamb and turkey that day. Best shared!

Imagine my excitement when I heard Turkey simply because not many places in SG sells it and i'm so glad Carvers & Co is slowly introducing it and doing such a good job too! Turkey was well-cooked and wasn't dry at all, generally well seasoned :)

We were recommended to try their Berries Crumble with Ice Cream which was extremely delightful! Soft, warm crumble with sweet, caramelized bananas, sour tang from the blackberries, buttery pastry and paired with cold, creamy ice cream :)

We had a brief chat with the owners and I could feel their passion and love for the things they do, the time they invested and their eagerness to revamp Singapore's food scene. Service was excellent and they really made us feel so at home. 

They certainly take pride in their coffee! We tried a cup from the most "hipster" barista's private stash and it was the STRONGEST (but definitely fragrant) cup of coffee I've had (!!!) All of them were laughing at my expression when I sampled a small sip hahahaha sorry cannot maintain

From the people who brought you One Man Coffee, this is a place that has lots of potential and I can't wait to return to try out more items from their menu :) 


Spent a longer time than we expected here before moving on to Craftsmen Specialty Coffee, which was at Siglap V, opposite the old Siglap Centre. 

A rustic exterior with brick walls that screams 'hipster', I particularly liked the quiet and cozy ambiance this cafe provides, with the natural lighting and communal tables. Opened by the people behind Dutch Colony Coffee, this is a great place for residents to grab their daily fix. 

Unfortunately we arrived too late to try out their brunch menu :( Luckily there was a wide selection of huge pies and gorgeous cakes with witty names for us to choose from ;) 

One Banana Republic ($8.90) - A pretty cake with such a cute name that we just had to order it! It was the crowd's favourite; banana, chocolate & PB never fails :) 

Red Velvet Cake ($8.90) was disappointing though, was never a fan of RVC to begin with because of the scary amount of food colouring. Not to mention this was on the dry side and crumbly :( 

Ordered the Black Pepper Chicken Pie ($8.90) and that chunk of egg inside was a cute surprise :) I liked the buttery pastry and it was satisfying, good for sharing! 

Coffee was good as well, would wanna try their cold brew next :-)


We then trekked 20mins in the sweltering heat to our last stop - Coast & Company! A third-wave coffee movement joint Papa Palheta with Coast Cycles, a local bicycle boutique. Certainly quite interesting to see an array of bicycles at the back of the cafe and adds a bit of boyish tone to the surroundings.  

Us girls saw the Green Tea & Chestnut Bundt Cake and immediately knew we had to order it haha, girls and our love for anything matcha. This was average, a little dry to me!

Mexican Coke, Iced Mocha, Iced Chocolate and Iced Latte. All of us liked the iced mocha but not the iced chocolate which Dawn mentioned it tasted like... HL Chocolate Milk haha.

Coast & Company serves unique items with no typical cafe food, specially designed by a celebrity chef from Wild Rocket. 

We were excited to try their famed Sour Cream Cheese Toast ($8) and Scrambled eggs from the Coast Breakfast ($12) but honestly.. both were really disappointing :( Nothing spectacular.

The scrambled eggs lacked seasoning because it tasted bland and no buttery fragrance, texture wise it was soft and creamy though! 

Another item we tried was the Almond Peanut Butter Toast ($7), made with brioche, handmade peanut butter and topped with honey and almond flakes. It was good, but a dish one can easily replicate at home though. 

Amazing day with my fellow foodies, can't wait for our next food trail!


Carvers & Co
43 East Coast Road

Craftsmen Specialty Coffee
2 First Street, Siglap V, #01-01

Coast and Company

54 Siglap Drive Singapore 456176 


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