Weekend Breakfasts with Moks

Ever since young, my parents would wake up early every weekend to prepare a hearty and wholesome breakfast for my siblings and I. Every cup of milo/horlicks/tea/coffee is brewed with love and patience, perfectly thick with sweetness adjusted to our liking, nothing like the ones sold outside. (which made all of us so picky about what we are drinking outside now hahaha)

Sushi!! with mangoes and chicken floss hahahahaha dad and his weird ideas

I look forward to my weekend brunches every single week; there is no better feeling than waking up naturally to the smell of coffee, eggs, butter and toast :')

Smoked salmon toast with alfafa sprouts, rocket, cheese and eggs!

Wholemeal Wraps with eggs, tofu, turkey breast, bell peppers and cheese!

"Pa Ma what are we having for breakfast tomorrow???" is a question I always ask, which will then lead to light-hearted discussion where all 6 of us throw in ideas and suggestions for our first meal of the weekend :) Really grateful to have such wonderful parents that will always go the extra mile to satisfy our cravings, and their amazing capability to prepare delicious food all the time. <3

My favourite scrambled eggs hehe poor family had to endure it every single weekend as I try to perfect my technique

My siblings and I would help out in the kitchen occasionally, stealing a few cooking tips from Dad or just to be his assistant. Mum would be busy preparing the ingredients, setting up the table, preparing our drinks or washing the vegetables 84342354 times to rid any signs of pesticide. 

Buttermilk waffles with strawberry yogurt, rum bananas, vanilla ice cream, berries and pure maple syrup. 

Toast with scrambled eggs, guacamole and tomatoes! My favourites ~

Pork ribs miso soup and tomato egg beehoon :-) 

Yong Tau Foo, with homemade marinated meat and tediously filled by my mum and helper, enjoyed with our own broth boiled with soybeans and fish bones 

Now, I try to prepare breakfasts for the family as much as I can, because preparing food for your loved ones is really satisfying and it is especially heart-warming to see them appreciate the food you've made and telling you it's delicious :')

Tuna mixed with cottage cheese & greek yogurt, tomatoes, lettuce, rocket, and scrambled eggs

One of our (okay, more like mine hehe) favourites! Toasties or "Mercedes Bread" as we call it 

Bread pudding

Ciabatta Sandwiches with BBQ chicken and pineapples.

Dad's version of Nasi Lemak



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