The Cathay Restaurant Dimsum

A rare weekday lunch with him :) Dim sum again! 

We've talked about trying The Cathay's dim sum after walking past it several times after our movie dates, finally here and what's more, there's a 20% discount for weekday lunches! :)

 Xiao Long Baos ($4.20)

I remember when the waitress served this up, our first reaction was "wah, looks very.. handmade." hahahahaha. Despite its mediocre outlook, we really liked their XLBs!!! I thought the skin looks thick but it was the exact opposite, the pork filling was also generous and juicy :-) What a pleasant surprise! Black horse indeed

Deep Fried Prawn roll with Mangoes ($4.80)

There were about 3 prawns in each roll? Much to the boy's delight :)

Siew Mai ($5.20)

Pan-fried Yam & Carrot Cake ($4.20)

Both of us spotted this at the same time and was so excited to try! A combination of our favorites :) 

This was really interesting, the top layer was crispy yam, followed by yam strips then a smooth carrot cake that was lightly pan-fried at the bottom :) 


Steamed Yolk Cream Buns ($4.20)

True to it's name, the filling was so thick and creamy!! It's almost custard-like ~ Different from the ones I've had before, which were usually more runny and grainy. 

Certainly one of the best LSBs :))) 

As always we researched about this place before dining here, we saw their chee cheong fun served on this long plate and made a point to order it. But.... we forgot hahahaha probably too overwhelmed by their extensive menu.

This is definitely one of the under-rated dim sum restaurants in Singapore, can't wait to be back to try the rest of their items!


The Cathay Restaurant 国泰 
The Cathay 
2 Handy Road #02-01


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