Imperial Treasure Nanbei // Toss & Turn

Lunch with him at Imperial Treasure Nanbei @ Ngee Ann City :-) For the past few dates, we've been eating scrambled eggs, french toasts, soups, salads (i.e. my type of food hahaha) so we decided to have dim sum this time. To satisfy our chinese food craving and for liu sha paus (!!!) 

I LOVED this Baked Mushroom and Chicken Pastry ($4.20)!! The filling was alright but the buttery shell and flaky top was delightful :-) 

Char Siew Chee Cheong Fun ($5.50)

Lotus Leaf Wrapped Glutinous Rice ($4)

One of his favourite dim sum item ^^

Siew Mai ($5.20)

Xiao Long Baos ($5.20)

My must-order at any dim sum restaurant hur hur 

Golden Custard Buns ($4.50) 

Imperial Treasure's LSB was pretty decent! I don't have high expectations for it, as long as it flows and generously filled, i'll take it ;) This was not the best I've tried, but still very satisfying~

Got some fruits at Taka because I love (need) to have them after every meal hehe. There was a Hokkaido Food Fair going on! Love how both of us get so excited over food and make each other excited too?? His teasing smile whenever he caught me taking a food sample, and me giving him the judge-y look when he looks at greasy fried food hahahahaha

You will always catch us exploring food basements at any mall and supermarkets hehe our kind of therapy


Went to GWC next! He bought 4 Taiyaki while I tried this yogurt parfait from Yogurberry! Granola was soft and it was quite disappointing :( 

Once in a while the boy eats healthy with me hehe :-) Back at one of my fav salad places - Toss & Turn! Portions seem to have shrunk since the last time I ate here, sigh :(

His Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich which he enjoyed :) I still prefer their Beef Pastrami sandwich ^^

Desserts after our healthy dinner hahaha. So overpriced though!


Imperial Treasure Nan Bei
391 Orchard Road#
05-12 Ngee Ann City
Tel: +65 6738 1238

Toss and Turn
Ion Orchard B4 Basement 


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