The Missing Pan

Went to The Missing Pan with the boy today and ah, it was such an amazing afternoon :') 

The French Toast, as usual, didn't disappoint at all. I was telling him excitedly how happy I am because almost all my favorite food is on the table!!! Fruits, eggs, spinach, bread, salmon, avocado, cakes, coffee~ 

French Toast Salpicon $19

                                                  62 Degrees Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon $22

Mocha $6.50 / Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake $6

Peaceful and quiet environment with amazing food, followed by a short grocery shopping at The German Marketplace (we were hoping to find Movenpick yogurt but no, sigh) afterwards :) Took a bus to JE for our usual grocery shopping and him sending me home to conclude our lovely day :)


The Missing Pan
619D Bukit Timah Road,
Bukit Timah District, 269724
6221 7022


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